9 Ways to Spoil Your Partner on a Budget this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to show someone special how much they mean to you. 

However, the cost of living crisis means that people are more concerned than ever about money. 

To help, we teamed up with jewellery specialists, Queensmith and they have pulled together 9 ways to spoil your partner on a budget:

1. Set a budget ahead of Valentine’s Day

This is an important first step. The last thing you want is for one of you to spend double the amount of money compared to the other, and fall out over gifts on Valentine’s Day.

It doesn’t need to be an awkward conversation either, check in ahead of time (i.e. not the night before!) and set some expectations in place. In these situations, it’s better to be proactive and ask the right questions ahead of time, rather than blowing the budget entirely on something you can’t afford, or ignoring the topic altogether.

Money is a concern for most people at the moment and the best thing you can do is communicate this. You don’t need to spend lots of money for someone to feel special – sometimes the sweetest gestures are low cost.

2. Sentimental gestures

You can’t put a price on thoughtfulness. There are so many things you can do here to personalise the day and look back on some special moments in your relationship so far. 

For instance, you could go to the effort of recreating your first date together. If this was at a particular restaurant or a fancy cocktail bar, then there’s nothing stopping you from doing this at home. Get the ingredients in and attempt to recreate it for them at home – you could even dress up as the waiter or bar staff!

There are things you can do for free here too, like walking to the park where you first met or writing your loved-one a poem. If you are struggling with the words, then there are many websites on the internet that you can lean on for inspiration.

3. Create a low-cost bouquet display with their favourite flowers

It’s no secret that flower prices go through the roof on Valentine’s Day – especially if you are relying on next day delivery!

There are ways you can cut down on the costs of flowers but still create a beautiful display for your partner. For example, head to your local supermarket and pick out some of their fresh blooms and if it’s an option for you, you could always bulk out the bouquet with some flowers from your back garden.

Buy an attractive vase – there are always many on offer in charity shops or vintage markets – and some ribbon that compliments the colour scheme of your bouquet for an extra special touch. When your partner wakes up in the morning, it will smell like they have just walked into a florist. 

4. Make your partner’s favourite meal

Instead of going out for a meal that can easily reach the £50 plus mark, try to bring the restaurant experience home instead. 

If you know your partner’s favourite meal, going to the effort of making it at home and serving it up for them, really shows that you care. And a bottle of some nice quality wine is an added bonus too!

5. At-home spa treatment

For the ultimate relaxation experience at home after a long day, invite your partner to their very own mini-spa evening in the luxury of their living room. 

Tell them to request a special “treatment” and try to deliver the goods, be that a face mask, massage or manicure. Even if it’s not quite as relaxing as a real spa, you’ll both have a good laugh in the process.

6. Decorate your home

One easy way to show that you have thought about Valentine’s Day is to run with the theme. 

Kit out your house with red or pink balloons, fairy lights and candles – you could even go to the effort of hanging up some photos of you both. This romantic display is a gesture that your partner is bound to appreciate. 

7. Cut the costs on jewellery shopping

If you do plan on splashing out on something extra special for Valentine’s Day, then there are ways you can be savvy with jewellery.

Always do your own research first and set a clear budget in mind to guide your search. Whittling down your options allows you to find the best jewellery for your partner in terms of quality and style, but at a price that works for you.  

You could opt for something simple, timeless and classic such as diamond stud earrings. The beauty of a simple pair of diamond studs is that, although innately special, they are simple enough to wear everyday – they’re a great investment.

Lab diamond jewellery is also a great option which offers exceptional value for money, allowing you to achieve higher carat weights for your budget while also ensuring the diamond is ethically created. We see around 80% of the couples we work with choose lab diamonds for their jewellery, which is a massive increase from around 50% this time last year.

8. Organise a scavenger hunt

If you are trying to avoid spending money going out but still fancy doing an activity, then organising a scavenger hunt is a fun compromise. 

Dot a trail of clues or rose petals around the house leading to their gift. The gift could be something small, like their favourite box of chocolates, or an IOU, such as a meal out at any restaurant of their choice. 

9. Cinema experience 

You can enjoy the cinema experience without having to even leave your house. If you want to, there’s the option to buy or hire a projector and create the big screen effect. Cosy up with some popcorn and blankets, and put on a feel-good film.

Rachel Bartee

Rachel Bartee is a blogger and freelance writer dreaming of a tour round the world to write a story of her greatest life adventure. For the time being, she feels inspired by her daily yoga sessions and studies Interpersonal Relationships.