Best Themed Wedding Ideas

Couples select a theme for their wedding that depicts their individuality to their love story and couples’ persona. A well-curated theme for the wedding makes each celebration unique and one-of-a-kind. There are various factors influencing wedding themes, such as colour palettes, the overall vibe of the wedding, and the general aesthetic of the reception and the chapel. These are only the umbrella categories and have not zeroed in on quirky Star Wars themes or sustainable-themed wedding subcategories. 

The million-pound question: Do you need a style? Actually, no. But, having a theme would narrow down a particular wedding aesthetic and would make planning a breeze. Your wedding theme will also help you choose venues or wedding ballrooms.

The theme sets the tone for the kind of experience you want for yourselves and your guests. The overall vibe of the wedding would create a journey for the guest. From the time they receive their invitations up to the conclusion of the festivities, the wedding style will capture that narrative. Here is a detailed guide on the best-themed wedding concept you can draw inspiration from.

Classic wedding 

The classic wedding style has three categories the classic romance, boho, and glam. 

The boho theme is chic with a minimal effort aesthetic. It is rough around the edges but with intention. The colour palette for this wedding theme is hues and tones found in a garden. The vibe is free-spirited and laid back.

The classic romance is one of the most popular in this category. The overall feel and look of this style are timeless, elegant, and romantic. Classic romance is clean with sleek lines, white flowers, and a formal ambience.

The brides are expected to be in white dresses and the grooms will be wearing suits and wedding ties.

The glam style is all about luxury! The aesthetic is shiny, and it does not conform to any colour palette, but it is unique because the details are sparkly and lavish texture. Pemberly Fox offers lush and bespoke stationery solutions for this kind of theme. The glamorous style depicts dazzle, chic, and captivating.

Modern wedding

An industrial and modern wedding is all about simplicity. It is not formal but not too casual wedding style. The peg is smooth textures like marble and a matte finish. It does not utilize florals but more on stone, succulents, mosses, and fern elements. The modern wedding vibes are contemporary, sleek, and urban.

Rustic wedding

The general aesthetic of rustic style is the farm to table guest experience. Elements that stand out are wood, stone, and organic paper. The colour palette is neutral and has soft tones.

Vintage theme

Vintage utilizes a period as a wedding style. Vintage alludes to Victorian details and antique jewellery Australia. The overall feel of the vintage is eclectic and ‘of another time’ feel.

Alternative theme

The alternative style is something out of the box. The theme revolves around the couples’ personalities. The themes can be DIY, Marvel, or Harry Potter. The possibilities are endless! 

General feel notes are quirky, whimsical, and creative.

Ultimately, the best theme and style should be the inspiration behind your relationship. The wedding theme must tailor-fit the couples’ persona, desires, and perspective. The best theme and style idea is the one that resonates with the bride and groom and the story they want to tell their guests.

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