How to Resist Shopping for New Clothes Online

It’s not easy to resist the urge to shop online. There are instances when you want to avoid it, but you keep getting pulled to your favourite store. If you realise that you’ve been spending a lot on unnecessary purchases, here are some tips to help you resist temptation. 

Look at your closet

Check what’s in your closet, and you will realise that you already have a lot. Spending on new clothes will only worsen the situation, as you can’t afford to fit more items inside. It also tells you that you are yet to wear some of them. It’s better to stop buying, or there won’t be enough space. The good thing is that you can always consider working with built in wardrobes Leeds builders if you reside in the Leeds area. You won’t have a problem adding more items if your wardrobe is big enough. Even then, you don’t have an excuse to keep shopping. 

Uninstall your shopping apps 

You feel tempted to keep buying online because your shopping apps are easy to access. However, you might have to uninstall them if you want to stop spending. You can even decide to buy from a local store, so you have to drive there instead of using your fingertips to shop. You can also limit your purchases when you see the actual items before buying them. 

Organise your closet

When you clean your closet, you will find out that you still have too many clothes to wear. They get buried under the same clothes you wear all the time. You will feel excited to see these clothes that you rarely wear since they match well with the other items you recently bought. The truth is you only need a few pairs of clothing. When you’re good with mixing and matching, the clothes you have are more than enough. 

Check your budget

You might think about shopping because you don’t see your expenses. You use your credit card or online payment apps. When you check your budget, you will realise that there are other fees you are yet to pay. If you don’t discipline yourself, you will blow your entire budget. Determine your priorities before you shop again. 

Wait until there’s a promotion 

Some online stores are deceptive. They tell you that the items are for sale when they’re not. It’s easy to slap the discount price tag on the clothes. If you have no idea how much they were before the promotion, you might feel enticed to buy. However, when you know the actual price, you will wait until there’s a genuine promotion before deciding to purchase anything. 

Hopefully, you can stay away from online shopping with these tips. If you already own several clothes, you can dispose of them through donations or garage sales. If you can’t use them, someone else will. It’s easier to organise your clothes and accessories after removing the ones you no longer use. Unless there’s a need to buy more, you shouldn’t. You can’t let your eyes do the shopping. 

Rachel Bartee

Rachel Bartee is a blogger and freelance writer dreaming of a tour round the world to write a story of her greatest life adventure. For the time being, she feels inspired by her daily yoga sessions and studies Interpersonal Relationships.