Whimsical Wonder and Ditzy Daydreams: We Meet Playmat Creator, Nicole Eissele

From shuffling to crawling, toddling to tumbling, there’s a lot for little ones to do before they start to walk. These first steps take practise, so it’s essential to give their fledgling feet a soft, safe surface underfoot. This is something that Nicole Eissele, founder of The Singing Ant, knows only too well. As a self-confessed home enthusiast and mum of two fun-loving girls, Nicole understands the importance of home furnishings that are child-friendly and effortlessly chic. 

And so, The Singing Ant was born. Melding fail-safe functionality with dreamy designs and ditzy patterns, Nicole and her team make beautiful play mats perfect for creativity and on the spot adventure. Because the best way to create magical moments with your little ones is to be right there on the floor beside them – to lose yourself in their imagination and be with them in their dreams. Nicole’s play mats enable you to create a safe space for first toddles and endless fun, a space that will look gorgeous in your home just as it helps their dreams take wing. 

Home values are at the heart and soul of The Singing Ant. Nicole and her team are homebodies through and through – mums who love comfort and cosiness and the magical warmth of togetherness. For Nicole, home is an emotion you can’t quite describe. “‘Home’ is the feeling that I get when I look back on the day and remember hearing my children’s laughter or the clinging of a wine glass with my husband. These memories make the home and are nicely complemented by all of the little design decisions that make the interior feel warm and welcoming.”

It is these little details that make The Singing Ant so exquisitely stylish and dependably safe. Because both are essential. Nicole and Luisa Jones, The Singing Ant designer, believe that the best design is in beautifully functional pieces. The team dedicated a lot of thought and care into perfecting the wearability of their playmats. “We spent a lot of time in our design process. We introduced original rounded edges, a patented 3-piece construction that allows endless opportunity for expansion, and eliminated all loose parts that our little ones could use as unwanted teething toys, as well as an overall chic and sophisticated design that fits with every interior. Because we could all use a chance to worry less and play more in style!” We couldn’t agree more!

With health and safety taken care of, you and your little one can spend more time on what’s important – play, adventure and dreaming big! Little ones have the most incredible imagination – they can be hosting a tea party for hedgehogs one moment and battling dragons the next – and their whimsy and wonder lie at the heart of each play mat design. Nicole’s two girls remind her that the world does not need to be ordered and regimented. She is “thankful for all of the creative moments” she and her girls share and believes that “our children’s ability to not have expectations or limits can be a real inspiration to us”. Through the eyes of our child’s dreams, we can, Nicole believes, reconnect with all that we hold close.  

The Garden of Daydreams is Nicole’s first play mat collection. Soothing, gentle and perfectly pretty, each design brings a natural aesthetic into your home with grace and poise.

Four petal-soft shades are available, each patterned with delicate dandelion flowers and blow away white tufts. We love the morning-air freshness of Spring Green, as well as the sugary pink tone of the Sunset Rose mat.

Two more shades are available – Morning Blue and Nicole’s personal favourite, Moon Grey. We just know that you and your little one will be spoilt for choice! And, with three sizes on offer, there is a play mat for every space, big or small. 

So, what’s the story behind The Garden of Daydreams? “The collection was inspired by the magic of a dandelion and the beauty of making a wish,” Nicole tells us, “I can remember when we were living in Tokyo and I was walking in a central park. In front of me was an elderly man; he stopped, kneeled down and picked up a dandelion. He blew the seeds away and continued on his way. It seemed like a reflection on his youth, despite his age. And today, I see the same energy and inspiration from my daughters as they laugh and play with dandelions.” A beautiful story fitting for such beautiful designs. 

Make your home into a world of wonder for your little one. Help them dream and imagine on a fool proof playmat that will support their movements and bring a natural serenity into you home. Because both – your home and your little one – are what make magical moments. 

You can purchase your very own play mat on The Singing Ant website (www.thesingingant.com) or through their Instagram platform (@thesingingant_kids), where Nicole also posts cool ideas and tips for interior design, play, self-care, and so much more!

Ellie Loxton

Ellie Loxton recently graduated in English from the University of Cambridge where she produced a diverse collection of articles for Varsity and The Cambridge Student. Completing work experience placements with book publishers (Sweet Cherry Publishing, Usborne books) and magazine titles (The Oakhamian, Immediate Media Company) has provided her with first-hand experience in features writing. Firmly believing that enthusiasm, energy and engagement are the driving forces behind great writing, Ellie strives to deliver high-quality material relevant to modern women. She can always be found putting pen to paper, whether this be through a writing project, crossword puzzle or her daily journal.