Is 2021 the Year for Eco-Parenting?

Raising the next generation of eco-warriors has never been so important. Our children will be the ones to continue the fight against climate change and protecting the planet. It is never too early to start them off on the right track and reduce not only your own carbon footprint, but theirs too.

Here at YCB, we’ve worked with Aqua Wipes where their team has conducted a recent survey where it was found that 95% of parents are concerned with reducing the plastic they use. With more people turning to sustainable and environmentally friendly methods, the interest in eco-parenting has skyrocketed, setting it on track to be a huge trend this year.

However, knowing what changes to make and what’s best for your baby as well as the planet can be challenging. We thought we’d share our thoughts and advice on ways to not only improve your carbon footprint but ensure that your little one is raised with the future of our environment at heart.

Here the team of environmental warriors at Aqua Wipes have shared their top things you should consider when trying to become an eco-parent.   

Show your passion

We now have extensive knowledge that our planet is at risk. With the recent news that climate change could be irreversible by 2030, experts are urging us all to become more environmentally aware. Although it’s important to live for now and be in the moment, especially as a parent, there’s no getting away from the fact that we need to act fast. If we want our little ones to see the world as it stands, we must start to implement the small changes to impact the future generation now.

Our children are highly impressionable and will lead by example. Show that you’re passionate about the changes you are making, right from the get-go. Make simple tasks like recycling a fun activity! Seeing your enthusiasm will inspire and encourage your little ones to make good choices as they grow. 

Reusable Essentials 

These changes don’t have to be monumental! We know that as a parent, you’re probably worried about the future of the planet that your little one will be growing up on. We also know that you are extremely busy! Small yet effective changes can make the world of difference. Think about the items that you can buy in a reusable form. 

Silicone bibs are a fantastic eco-friendly product. They’re comfortable and adjustable for your little one to wear, with deep food catchers to deter as much mess as possible. The best bit is that they are easy to clean. Simply wipe or wash away the excess, without having to commit to a wash load of food covered fabrics! Less washing saves your time, but also reduces your carbon footprint. 

Similarly, reusable nappies can substantially minimise waste produce. On average, babies go through six nappies a day, which all end up in a bin if you’re using disposables. These stick around for hundreds of years, adding to the ongoing plastic problem we face. Reusable nappies save your money and the environment, but if you’re not quite sold, take a look at biodegradable ones. They’re a little more costly but the impact on the environment is positive. Take some time to research your options before investing.

Lastly, keep a reusable cup in the bottom of the buggy. When you’re out and about, it’ll save you using single use cups every time you need that caffeinated pick me up!

Buy bio-degradable

Not everything is re-usable, but there are still ways to reduce their impact. Take baby wipes for example. As a parent, you will know all too well that baby wipes are life savers! From nappy changes to mucky hands and faces, we go through thousands a year. Unfortunately, most baby wipes are not plastic free, which means they contribute considerably to plastic pollution. 8 million plastic items enter our oceans daily, with more dumped in landfill and harming wildlife. Reducing this figure is something we should all be passionate about. 

Biodegradable wipes are an easy and simple solution to embrace eco-parenting. Aqua Wipes are unlike any other wipe on the market, with their ability to degrade over time, reducing the environmental impact on future generations. They’re alcohol and chemical free, using 99% purified water and are a significant step in the right direction to eco-friendly living.

These are just a few simple and future-proof ways to kickstart your eco-parenting journey in 2021. Remember, they will continue to make a world of difference as they’re passed down to your little ones.

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Annabelle Short

Annabelle Carter Short is an author, freelance writer and a seamstress of more than 7 years. When not working, she’s spending time with her family or putting pen to paper for her own personal pursuits.