Caico Cotton Brings You the Softest, Most Durable Babywear – and it’s 100% Egyptian Cotton

Being a new parent comes with a lot of stresses. From the moment the baby is born there is so much to consider, whether it’s getting into a routine or carving out a few precious minutes to jump in the shower. But the good news is that keeping baby comfortable just became a whole lot easier thanks to Caico Cotton. With their super-soft basics range for babies you can rest assured that your little one will feel cosy 24/7.

Most brands have head offices in places like London and New York, but Caico isn’t just any other brand. The founders chose to set up business in two very different countries – Denmark and Egypt. Rasha, 39, was born and raised in Denmark. It was there that she studied fashion design and worked in the tourism industry. She teamed up with 31-year-old Yasser who had previously worked in real estate and was born and raised in Egypt. 

With Rasha also sharing Egyptian roots, they started working on a passion project together which is now known as Caico Cotton. At the moment they both live in Cairo, where they spend the day working on new designs and overseeing production in their local factory.

The duo travel the world visiting trade shows and exhibitions, spending a lot of time in Denmark too. But it hasn’t always been so easy. “We did not know so much about baby clothes,” says Yasser as he reflects on the early days. This lack of knowledge didn’t put them off, however. It made them more curious. They studied the garments and processing, learning all the small details and modifications that go into making clothing that is both comfortable and safe for babies to wear.

Rasha and Yasser spent time with nieces and nephews and felt inspired by the need for high-quality, simple clothing items. They knew that parents wanted long-wearing garments that are safe from harmful chemicals, and so they set about creating a range of pieces that parents would feel confident putting on their children. Customers agree that no matter how many times Caico cotton items are washed they are still as soft as the day they were bought.

According to Rasha, developing a new design from scratch is “exciting and interesting” because she loves drawing and designing. Every itty bitty creation is guided by the one thing that makes Caico Cotton special – the materials they use. They only use 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton, known to be the finest and most luxurious cotton in the world and special because of its long fibre staples. These extra-long fibre staples mean higher durability and unrivalled quality, not to mention the finer threads which are responsible for the extra softness and strength.

The other great benefit of using Egyptian cotton is that because it is delicately handpicked when it’s perfectly ripe, this puts less stress on the fibres and maintains the exquisite quality and softness. Because Caico Cotton believes that all babies deserve the best, it was obvious from the start that only Egyptian cotton would do. 

“We have chosen to focus on the material we use for our styles, which are simple basic wear and nightwear,” says Yasser. “The quality and simplicity are what drives us. When we look at babies, we see them as the masterpieces – therefore our designs are as simple as possible.”

The collection consists mainly of soft basics and comfortable sleepwear for your little one and each piece has been made with mother and baby in mind. Several designs have a ‘wrap and snap’ feature in order to make it easier to dress a wriggly baby.

Onesies have snap buttons all the way to the ankles to make midnight changeovers quick and efficient. Even their delicate little mittens are adjustable to allow the perfect fit. 

Each garment is carefully designed to ensure comfort and durability. You won’t see any bold prints or bright colours in the range. Instead, each item is made in the shade ‘Alabaster’ named to reflect the creamy colour of the Egyptian mineral.

Caico believes in simplicity and value, therefore this neutral shade is suitable for any occasion and will match with other items you own. 

Browse the collection at and get ready to be awwed!

Fiona Reid

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