Where is the Best Place to Work in Europe?

There’s an entire world out there just waiting to be explored and it’s only understandable that you may have an aching desire to taste all that it has to offer. If you live in the heart of New York City, you may dream of packing up your life and moving to Spain? If you’re working the same dead end job in London that you have for years, your wanderlust may steer you towards a new life in Los Angeles? (Ahhh… a beach front apartment in Malibu sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Hearing the relaxing sound of crushing waves as you are going on your morning run along Venice beach.) However, leaving your family, friends and the comfort of your life behind can be intimidating for many. It’s one of those life changing decisions. Do you dare to make the jump? Or does it seem a little too far? 

If you are London based just like us, making the move does not have to mean leaving Europe though. A new study by Totally Money has looked into jobs around Europe, highlighting their average salary, weekly hours worked, number of paid holiday leave as well as the happiness rating and cost of living. This study allows users to filter through a number of popular jobs to work out which country is best suited to them.

Best Of The Best

From the 12 European countries studied, France came out on top. With an average salary of £54,048, working weeks consisting of just 35 hours and 25 days paid holiday leave, it’s the place to be. Aside from the beautiful weather and rich culture, France has a lot to offer when it comes to career choices.

For example, those looking to be a chef could be earning on average just over £42,000, lawyers just over £75,000 and teachers just over £37,000. 

With a cost of living index at 114.22 when compared to the UK at 100.00, France is an affordable country, with plenty of benefits. Perhaps the ideal country to start a new chapter of your life?

High Earners

For those looking to maximise their earning potentials, Switzerland is the place to go. Despite having a very high cost of living compared to the rest of Europe, salaries are very high for even the most mundane of jobs. 

However, for those who have specialist degrees or in particular, health care jobs, you can expect to earn a significant wage. Both dentists and doctors have the capabilities of earning more than £200,000 per year with physiotherapists and lawyers reaching the £150,000+ mark. 

For public facing forward jobs such as waiters, waitresses and bar staff you can also expect to see salaries increase in order to match the cost of living. Waiters and waitresses have the potential to earn nearly £60,000 per year with bar staff just passing the £60,000 point.

However, despite these numbers looking good on paper, with the cost of living nearly double the UK’s, it soon appears why and it may come to a shock to many consumers when they see the cost of simple groceries. However, if you’re still looking to work in Europe and money is on your mind, you’ll find it tough to look past Switzerland! 

High Effort, Low Reward

For the hard workers out there, Totally Moneys study found the countries made for you. With just 20 days of annual leave a year and working week consisting of 40+ hours, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Republic of Ireland could be on your radar. 

With an average salary of £30,320, 40 hour working weeks and 20 days of annual leave, the Republic of Ireland came in at the bottom of the study for the best place to work in Europe. 

Despite being ranked as the 5th happiest country, the Netherlands was ranked the 11th best country, one place above the Republic of Ireland. However, it’s average salary sits at £18,000 a year more but matches the 40 hour working weeks and 20 days holiday leave. 

Have you ever thought of taking the jump and working abroad? Perhaps you fancy a new career move. Find Totally Moneys tool here and see where you could start a new life!

Riya Sander

Riya is an inspired writer, passionate about traveling, lifestyle and encouraging startups. As a freelancer she understands the importance of productivity at work. She never stopped finding new ways to create her work productivity. Follow her on Twitter @sanderriya