Tips and Tricks to Cheaper Insurance Premiums

Are you concerned about the high rates of insurance quotes? 

In case you didn’t quite know, insurance is your legal contract between your insurance company (your insurer) and you (the insured), and it provides adequate protection in the event of any loss or damage. Examples include health insurance, home insurance, life insurance, car insurance, etc.

On the other hand, your insurance premium, even for the best car insurance you can find, is a payment you consent to give your insurer that guarantees protection from them; in case of any damage or loss.  

Hence, before considering letting go of your home or car insurance due to high quotes, hold on a second, as we unveil to you smart ways by which you too can save more money off your insurance bill.

Does it sound too good to be true? That is why you need to read further, because only then can you find out the details for yourself.

Step 1

How To Save Money Off Your Home And Contents Insurance

Forget about everything you have heard in times past about the difficulty in lowering your homeowners insurance premium, as it is now more possible than it has ever been, and below are some of the reasons why:

1. Invest In Home Security 

As a homeowner in Ireland, you can lower the cost of your home and content insurance by investing adequately in your security system. 

Upgrading home security can take the form of using gadgets such as smart locks, wireless-hidden cameras, motion sensor alarms, etc, and you should notify your insurer of these smart-home protections for a review of your premium. 

2. Maximize The Multiple- Policy Discount

Most insurance companies offer reductions; in a bid to support their customers and one of such strategies is through the multiple-policy discount, which is a system that allows customers to have all their policies with the same insurance agency

Since these cut rates differ from one provider to another, a good tip for you is to shop online for options. Insurance calculator website like theaa helps you compare car, home & travel insurance quotes from top Irish insurance companies; you can find the best rates that offer sufficient coverage.

In fact, with the multiple-policy discount, you can enjoy discounts up to 15-25% and still be able to spread it across your various policies- what a great way to save off your premium!

Step 2

How To Save Money Off Your Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is your ticket out of trouble. It covers the financial risk involved with travelling, such as a delayed or cancelled flight, medical emergencies, and all such similar; risks. 

Here are some easy ways to checkmate your travel insurance quotes:

1. Know What You Are Covered For

This is so important, not just for travel insurance but other policies as well.

Before leaving Ireland for a different destination within and outside the country, schedule a meeting with your insurer and outline how much activity you will embark on while away. 

That way, you will be able to know the limits of your coverage and whether to purchase extra coverage

Some providers will cover you for holiday adventures such as scuba diving with an instructor. While, peculiar situations like riding a helmet without a scooter, driving a vehicle without a license, and other risky ventures, might not be covered. Hence, it is necessary to inform your insurer before you embark on the journey.

2. Assess Travel Agents Online

Gone are the days when you had to wait in line or visit an onsite insurance office to get a travel insurance quote, as now, you can enjoy the same services by accessing your provider’s website online. 

Similarly, you can save yourself time and resources by allowing a travel agent to plan your accommodation, transportation, tours, and trips. 

However, your travel agent will likely add travel insurance to your booking as part of their service. And if that happens, your premium could increase; since you already have travel insurance, be quick to decline the request from your travel agent to avoid double policies. 

It is better to save that extra or use it for other needs.

Step 3

How To Save Money Off Your Car Insurance

As a motorist in Ireland, you can already tell that the law frowns against Irish drivers who neglect to have car insurance. Well, if your car insurance quote is getting unbearable, here are ways to save money on your premium.

1. Buy Insurance Online

One of the benefits of comparing insurance quotes online is that it also helps you take advantage of the discount that insurance providers allocate to online insurance shoppers. In most cases, you can enjoy and save up to $50 cash off and enjoy other side benefits when you purchase your policy online.

2. Name The Insured Drivers In Your Family

Another way to save money and lower car insurance quotes is to include your spouse, family members living in the same house, and any driver with permission to drive the insured car(s); to the family policy. It is a smart means of lowering costs in the long run.


Without an iota of doubt, anyone can save money on their home, car, and travel insurance by adhering to these hacks. So, are you having trouble keeping up with your insurance bills? Try these tips for a change!

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