7 Fast & Easy Money-Saving Ideas

Money worries can really be a drain on our lives. There is nothing worse than constantly worrying about what we are spending and feeling like we don’t have a financial safety net in case something goes wrong.

The only way to free your mind from money worries is to stop and take a look at what we are spending so that you can fully understand your financial position and maybe even attempt to get some savings behind you. This can give you the freedom that you need to relax a little.

Read our tips to see how you could save some money:

Save in the shopping aisle

One tip to save on food shopping is to never go to the supermarket when you are hungry. This helps to stop you from filling the trolley up with junk food that you don’t really need but craving that instant moment. You could also go at a time when food is being reduced and pick yourself up some bargains!

Multiply your money with smart investments

Once you do start to save some money, the best way to grow your savings account is to invest your money. We have a post covering how to start investing in the stock market, that you could take a look at if you fancy taking a bit of a risk. Otherwise, you could look into ISAs or investing your money into a pension scheme.

Shop around for utility suppliers

Statistically, many customers stick with the same utility suppliers believing that changing is just too complicated. Often, we can get make our gas and electricity bills cheaper by changing supplier and it really is easy to do. Why not see if you can get better prices for dual fuel energy plans?

Swap the Sky TV box for streaming services

Sky TV costs a lot of money and not many people actually watch many of the channels that they air. There is so much great content available now to watch using On Demand services so it makes sense to dispose of the Sky box and subscribe to one of the streaming services, which are so much cheaper every month.

Make a better budget

Sit down and spend some time working on a budget that is realistic for you to make sure that you can actually stick to it. Read up on how to create and stick to a budget and see how much extra you can put away each month.

Buy used, not new

Remember that when you do need to purchase something, it doesn’t have to be new every time. There are plenty of cute charity shops that you could visit to look for goods that you need or you could browse all of the second hand selling sites that are available on the internet. Buying used could not only save you a packet but it is helpful for our environment as it stops goods being sent to landfill when they are not wanted anymore.

Separate your savings account

Remember to move money that you have saved into a separate savings account. If you leave it with the money that you use day to day, you might be tempted to spend it. Separating it also means that you can see the fruit of your labours when you look at the balance of your savings account.

Sophia Anderson

Sophia Anderson is a blogger and a freelance writer. She is passionate about covering topics on money, business, careers, self-improvement, motivation and others. She believes in the driving force of positive attitude and constant development.

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