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Gambling has been a favourite pastime for many people, and the games of chance have been around for ages. One of the earliest six-sided dice can be found from about 3000 BC in Mesopotamia, while the first casino can be dated back to Venice, Italy, in 1638. It was called the Ridotto, and it started the trend for casinos to be built and made worldwide.

Gambling is playing games of chance with the hopes of riches, either it is money or goods. People like the thrill and the suspense of the slots since they have no control over them. This is a draw for many people to gamble on fruit machines since it mostly relies on the luck of the reels. Playing slots with welcome casino bonuses can be somewhat hypnotising.

As the rest of the real world becomes virtual, gambling and casinos are not left out in the dust and came along for the ride. Many people prefer gambling online, and this is why it is becoming one of the leading trends of the modern era. One of the best things to come along with the internet is comfort, accessibility and freedom. Playing slots online covers these aspects, and there are many fruit machines to choose from on the edge of your fingertips. But first things first.

Why Play Slots Online

As mentioned before, playing pokies online covers the joy of the internet.

Comfort: You will be in your own space, away from the hassle of looking for parking, going through a crowd, waiting your turn on the slot you want to experience, and talking to people. It may sound anti-social, but many people would just like to play a game and not to get bothered by others, even if they are offering free drink. Plus, you know your chair is comfortable and clean.

Accessibility: The web makes it easy to connect with not only people but experiences. A lot of people do not have access to casinos either because they live far from one or they do not have transportation to reach one.

Freedom: Choice is a major factor for casinos to attach customers, but not every casino has all the games one wants because of space limitations. The net does, and these are easy to reach.

There are other draws to playing slots online. You can research other players’ opinions on the games, and see the rating, plus you can read the rules with a simple press of the information button. There are a lot of sites that you can play online for free, without the risk of viruses, and with no need to download or give your credit card details to try a fruit machine out. Plus the sounds and animations of the themed slots can take you on a journey all by itself. Everything is clear on the screen, and sometimes you can even get taken to another screen for a mini-game to double the score. Plus you can play some on your tablet. The choice of where to play can be a bit overwhelming, but many sites have a lot to offer.

How to Choose Where to Play

The slots world is vast and many, so finding the one site that draws you in can be a challenge, but one that you can overcome. A good pokies site is one that is easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eye. A good background can be eye-catching but not too much to distract from the slots as well as to confuse you. An example of this can be seen at Slotozilla which has a dark blue background designed to relax the players (since blue is a calming colour) and make the thumbnails of the games pop out as to draw your eye in.

Another great feature for the site is the search bar to find titles that interest you, whether it is ones that you played before or your favourite television series. Many fruit machines are inspired by shows, and some may even have small clips of the shows in the symbols such as ‘Battlestar Galactica’ by Microgaming. Others can have a reimagining of the series like ‘Games of Throne’ by Microgaming. This leads to another factor to include with searching for sites to play on.

Variety. As mentioned before the web is a great place to find every game you want to play, but there is a tiny downside to that which is that you have to exit the site to search for another game. So to combat this, many sites give you options on what game to play next by having thumbnails under the reels you are playing. There are many to choose from and some of them you may not have heard of. Since you are playing for free, there is nothing to lose so try something that fancies your eyes. Playing online can also give you an option that no other real-life casino can – muting the game. You would miss out the awesome music that many slots have to offer, but it helps to have the option if you simply want the quiet.

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