Essential Checklist when Buying a New Car from a Dealership

Given that a car is among the most expensive single purchases that many of us make, it’s important that we do everything possible to secure the best deal available. This goes especially if we’re buying new vehicles like a Brand New Hyundai for Sale from a dealership. 
Let’s run through a few of the things to think about before going ahead with a purchase.

Check the insurance

Most dealerships will offer you temporary car insurance, so that you’re covered during the drive home. Then, you’re free to meet with a car insurance agent and shop around for car insurance once the car is on your drive. But that’s not always the case. If it isn’t, you’ll need to cover yourself, or face a £300 fixed penalty and a six-point deduction.

Test the Car

A test drive is something that can’t be neglected. You don’t truly know how you feel about a car until you’re behind the wheel and driving it. Try to test the brakes, and to park in a few awkward spots. Make sure that you’re comfortable in the driver’s seat, too. Ideally, you should have a rough idea for a test route before you get there. If you’re pleased with the test drive, try to maintain a poker face when you come to make the deal.

Don’t mention trade-ins

Talking about your old car is rarely a good idea before you have a price fixed in place for the new one. If you do, then the dealer will get an idea of how much you have available to spend.

Read the Contract

It might sound obvious, but there are all kinds of ways in which a contract might be worded to the advantage of a dealership. Take the time to read the contract, and to learn about the terms you might encounter. It can be time consuming and a little bit dull – but you are handing over thousands upon thousands of pounds, so the effort is often justified.

Make a Counteroffer

Negotiation is to be expected. Don’t accept the first figure that the dealer comes up with. You should try to undercut by a reasonable figure, but not be so aggressive to give the impression that a compromise can’t be reached. Getting the counteroffer right often depends on doing your research ahead of time – so many sure that you have an idea of what the car is really worth, and what other drivers have successfully negotiated.

Know when to visit

Certain times of year will naturally hand an advantage to the driver. If the number plates are about to change, then the dealership might be looking to get rid of older stock before the new stuff comes in. You might find that the end-of-month targets create similar incentives, too.

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