Wedding Planning 101: Steps Newlyweds Should Consider

Are you looking to utilise your wedding? Celebrating together and getting to know the in-laws better is more important to modern Brits than observing formal traditions according to recent studies and this is good to know, isn’t it, as weddings can be nerve-wracking, not just for the bride and groom, but for their families and friends too. But, oh, what a special time to celebrate, and having a solid wedding plan will ensure that the entire wedding goes smoothly. It’s your special day after all so you want everything to be perfect no matter what research tells us! So why not get a pair of wedding car number plates to start with? You and your loved one are finally tying the knot!

Also, an unlimited bar and a live band can help break the ice and make the guests feel truly welcome, allowing them to mingle more comfortably. It is a nice way of giving the guests who were invited to the reception, but not the ceremony, some special treatment.

If you’re going to have a successful wedding, we have a few tips of advice to help you and your spouse.

How Much Should My Guests Spend on Wedding Gifts?

To set the record straight, there’s no such thing as a cover‑your‑plate rule. It’s never a good idea to use the price per plate as a guideline for how much your guests should pay for your wedding if this is a way you want to go.

You wouldn’t give your friend a lower value gift because they were hosting a casual occasion. Basically, wedding gifts are optional, not mandatory so you can’t argue over the quality of the gift your guests gift you.

Your guests should be able to give presents at a price range that’s reasonable to them. If they have the means and know you well, an expensive gift might serve better and be a demonstration of their love and appreciation of your new marriage.

If your guests recently graduated college, and traveling to your wedding this is already a time constraint and obligation for them, they can work with a group of friends and find something that’s in a reasonable price range.


Often, when and where your wedding is located plays into your budget. Are you having your wedding in the early afternoon or in the morning? Then the wedding menu is different than what you would’ve chosen for an exquisite formal evening wedding.

For instance, you can opt for brunch or perhaps lunch if it’s in the afternoon. A good idea would might be to include some “tea” which includes staple wedding condiments such as tiny deserts, scones, and small finger sandwiches. Your guests will love it!

Flight of Fancy

There was a period when fancy dress weddings were all the rage. Alice in Wonderland, Disney and even Shrek have all served as inspiration for wedding attire. But for your own happily ever after, fancy dress no longer seems to be the fairest of them all. Guests in fancy dress would not necessarily make for a perfect day, meaning fancy dress has been relegated to the world of “once upon a time…”.

Being the bride, the white dress may be one of the most iconic images of matrimony, but Brits believe it’s one of the most at-risk aspects of modern marriage. Today, many agree that the tradition of the bride wearing white was no longer a certainty. Whatever your thoughts on this development, it stands as a stark reflection of modern society – brides are not bound to one colour and have far more freedom to express their personalities. Be sure to show your true colours!

Some traditions are just too adorable to let go. Many of us believe that the bride wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue is one of the most important customs. The convention was traditionally incorporated into weddings to bring the bride good luck, which is perhaps the reason it has remained so popular.


Planning a wedding can be a job in itself, from the venue to the flowers and the table plan, to keeping your guests and your other half happy. So, how do you pick a venue that is unique, beautiful but most of all, has that magical vibe you’ve been looking for? There’s so much to choose between, from lavish country houses to tudor farms…

With an average of 80 million photos uploaded every single day, Instagram is one of the best platforms for inspiration, and with your wedding day being one of the most important days of your life, it comes as no surprise that the wedding hashtag has been used over 125 million times.

Do like many couples sharing photos on Instagram do, and throw an outdoor wedding! Some grooms and brides who prefer to marry outside tend to use tents for their wedding reception. Buffet style dinner is usually served underneath the tent, but a new couple can also obtain a served dinner if that’s what they prefer.

However, you and your spouse can think out of the box and think of interesting events such as a “wedding barbeque,” especially if the wedding is informal. Your caterer can provide traditional picnic meals such as burgers, hot dogs, ribs, chicken, and other finger-licking goods on the table! You’ll be surprised how much your guests will love this option!

And what about drinks? Nearly one third of Brits see an unlimited bar as the ultimate requirement for their perfect wedding, a recent survey has revealed. In fact, 30 per cent of the British public just wouldn’t feel the same about the big day without bottomless beverages.

It seems that an all-out party is top of the agenda when it comes to modern British weddings – another important factor is having a live band, with many guests agreeing that this is an essential feature for a perfect wedding. A live band offers class, personalisation, and an energy that can’t be replicated by a DJ. If (live) music be the food of love, play on. 

Save the First Dance…

Whatever song you choose, don’t miss out on this time-honoured tradition. Celebrating the newlywed’s love with the first dance is the most important wedding custom for many Brits. The first dance dates back to the 16th century, when guests of honour were invited to be the first to bust a move at the grand balls thrown by aristocrats. Yours may not be quite so fancy, but relish the opportunity to throw some shapes or glide elegantly across the dance floor as a newly wedded couple.

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