4 Interior Trends to Consider for 2019

With the end of year fast approaching, many of us are already thinking ahead to brighter days and the updates we can make in our homes. Sometimes a change of cushions is all that’s needed to bring a fresh style perspective to a room.

Below, we look at some of the main trends for 2019 and how you can easily incorporate them for maximum style impact.

Colour of the Year!

Every year Pantone, the industry authority on all things colour, announce their chosen colour of the year. This year the honour goes to ‘Living Coral’, a beautiful warm shade of salmon-y pink that will attract lovers of millennial pink and even persuade colour haters to give it a go. It’s a surprisingly versatile colour that will be easy to incorporate into any home, bringing a little zest and light to any room.

Stores in 2019 will flood items in the colour, giving you the tough task of actually choosing. For low commitment décor ideas, pick up some new cushion covers or bedding, whilst for those feeling brave a rug or an accent wall could be a great option.

Scandi Minimalism

Not actually a new trend but one that’s prevailing for yet another year, Scandi minimalism is here to stay. If you weren’t sure whether it was a passing trend, then now is definitely the time to embrace your love of muted neutrals and clean lines. Declutter the home first (minimalism is all about owning less) and look to update one or two statement pieces for maximum impact.

The beauty of this trend is that it’s relatively classic and easy to incorporate into an already existing style. Give your living room the Scandi touch with an understated sofa from Dwell, keeping the tones neutral and lines clean. Think about creating open spaces, free of clutter, accented with special style touches like well-chosen cushions or calming art pieces.

Green Day

Plants are a huge style story that sees no signs of slowing down. Add this to growing concerns about air quality and sustainability and it becomes clear why everyone is so keen to bring a little (or quite a lot of greenery) in their homes. All plants are welcome but there are some trendy standouts; think giant cacti, the luscious-looking banana leaf plant and the eternal cool girl of green, the fiddle leaf fig. Plants can become a real design feature if you consider the pots, going for ornate or bright styles to make more of a statement. Shelving also looks great when filled with our green friends, in the bedroom, living room, or bathroom.


2019 might just the be the year of contrasts, with maximalism competing for style attention against its minimal sibling. The maximalism of 2019 is all about luxe touches and carefully considered pattern clashing, to give the feeling of bohemian eclecticism. Pulling off this trend requires a little bravery and time as it’s best to bring bright and patterned object into the home one by one, so you have an opportunity to build, layer, and play with it all. Using textures, even if they’re in the same colour family, is another way to try the trend without too much risk. Likewise, creating gallery walls and adding some extra fabrics, like rugs or cushions, all count towards the maximalism trend since it’s really just about expressing your style personality and filling your home with objects you love looking at.    

Krysta Jakson

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