Get Ready to Travel to a Galaxy Far, Far Away with ModelSpace!

If you are a big fan of fiction, then you should definitely head over to Modelspace! Why? Well, this company has various cool Star Wars models that will make you beyond thrilled. So if your Star Wars fiction movie just ended, don’t fret, you can get the best Star Wars models to help you stay excited.

1. Star Wars Millennium:

If you were a great fan of the Empire Strikes Back movie then this model will undoubtedly bring you a dose of fun since it is a 1.1 replica of the famous ship. It measures 808 mm by 596 mm by 192 mm in dimension and has a weight of 24 pounds. It has inbuilt LED lights too that can be powered by an internal battery or any other external battery with low voltage. How cool! Its external parts can be turned from one position to another. It comes with a Guidebook that shows you how to operate it and it costs about 39.99 pounds.

2. Build R2-D2 with a scale of 1:2:

It is an exact replica of the loveable robot found in the Star Wars saga. It comes with various functions and droids that will enable you to come up with R2-D2 of your own design. The R2-D2 will give you a chance to download an app that will link it to your smartphone. Upon full installation of R2-D2, you can then proceed to connect it to your Wi-Fi and then start operating it in a way that resembles the Star Wars movie. It comes with a Guidebook that gives you step by the step installation procedure. It has a 5-star rating which serve to show you how amazing it is. It costs 35.96 pounds per month.

3. Star Wars Helmets Collections of scale 1:5:

This is another Star Wars model whose helmets are of the scale 1:5 which is an exact match of the helmets worn by the characters of the Star Wars Universe. If you are one of the fans of this movie and you are dying to have a glimpse of it then the Star Wars Helmets Collection model will help quench your thirst. These models will help propel you into the Star Wars galaxy by giving you the images of the helmets worn by villains and heroes of the Star Wars Universe. It has a monthly magazine which you can subscribe to so as to know more about such helmets. These models have a customer rating of 4 and they cost 35.96 pounds per month.

4. Episode V/ Imperial fighter:

If you loved the Empire Strike Back episode V, then this Star Wars model is very suitable for you. It has a length of 15 cm and also comes with a display stand. The Star Wars model is very easy to use and is quite affordable. It costs about 80 pounds and will surely transport you.


There are various models that best describes the Star Wars movies. These models come at different prices depending on their quality and contents. As such you can purchase the above Star Wars models at a low cost.

Get ready to travel to a galaxy far, far away!

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