How To Drink More Water During The Work Day

How to drink more water during the work day

How to drink more water at work

Sat in a suffocating office jungle, mountains of paperwork stacking up and a sea of post-it notes surrounding us, we’re headachy, lethargic and unable to focus. Obviously dehydrated, we know we’re supposed to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, but it’s just so much easier said than done. Now, were we being told to drink eight mugs of coffee there wouldn’t be an issue – we can get through that before noon! But water? We can’t say it’s the most tempting of tasty treats. And who has time to guzzle 8 glasses like a camel? Some people carry around liter water bottles saying it helps them drink more. Actually, it makes you look like Reese Witherspoon trekking through the wilderness. Do you happen to have a pocket knife in that Prada purse? However, with summer on the horizon it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated during the working day. Those who want to improve the quality of drinking water they have at home may consider getting a Commercial Water Treatment Installation.

What, then, if you could venture in to a secret garden full of fresh fruits like mangos and passion fruits, limes and baobabs, or cranberries and raspberries, all juicy, bursting with natural flavour and ripe to pick from the vine? What if you could bottle that natural goodness and add it to the uninspiring bottle of water sitting on your office desk? Might that encourage you to drink those eight glasses of water and – shock horror – actually enjoy the experience? Elderbrook thinks so, and we’re inclined to agree.

Elderbrook Drinks

Created to fill the gaping hole between bland water and artificially sweetened squashes, Elderbrook cordials contain superfoods like coconut nectar to make flavours dance delightfully on the taste buds without leaving you vulnerable to sugary spikes and dips in energy. (Not what we need just as we’re about to tackle the 127 unread emails in our inbox!) Taking inspiration from the apothecaries of Renaissance Italy, adding a little Elderbrook cordial to your water will leave you feeling even more invigorated than that all important, life-giving water would have done by itself. ‘The apothecaries’, co-founder David Folkman explains, ‘blended herbs and spices with water to create the first cordials. They were almost seen as a medicine’.

Wanting to make it as easy as possible for us to get our recommended daily intake of water, convenience is key for Elderbrook. The first non-alcoholic drinks company to do so, they send orders directly to consumers on subscription. ‘People at work often don’t have much spare time in their working day’ – David clearly knows us well – ‘and want the convenience of being able to make a tasty drinks but without having to go to a shop. Because we deliver direct to customers, that means they always have a bottle of Elderbrook within arm’s reach to add to water’. At this point it feels salient to discuss just how gorgeous those bottles of Elderbrook are. Beautiful calligraphy lies on delicate glass, making it an accessory in itself: yet another reason to keep a bottle on your desk!

Dedicated not just to hydrating us, but also to energising us during dragging days, Elderbrook go above and beyond by invigorating our spirits as well as our bodies. ‘We provide our consumers with little surprises’, David tells us, ‘like the occasional voucher to a spa!’ Indeed, these cordials are for the full of life, active, curious woman who, whilst always mindful to do right by her body, has a real thirst for excitement.

As long as you fit that impressive description (and we know you all do), David tells us there’s an Elderbrook cordial for everyone. Inspired by Ibiza evenings and that first mojito of summer, the lime, mint and baobab cordial needs to find a permanent home on the desk of every lively PR girl. Move over Manolos: smooth and sophisticated, the must have accessory for every ambitious woman living in the big city should now be a bottle of raspberry, cranberry and blueberry tonic. Freelancing from home and lacking motivation as you stare out the window at a cold concrete pavement? David suggests transporting yourself to an exotic island with Elderbrook’s mango, passion fruit and goji berry concoction!

And so, with summer just round the corner, drink up ladies, and gents, because nothing but goodness is in store for you. Healthy skin, hair and nails and no 3pm crash like you get from the cafe across the street. Luckily the cordial can be delivered every 2 weeks to support your newfound obsession. So go on and drink some water, we dare you.

David and the Elderbrook team would love your support to help them pitch to Richard Branson, please click here for details. Voting closes today at 5pm.

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