New App Shopdrobe Answers Your Daily Question ‘What Should I Wear?’

New app Shopdrobe answers your daily question ‘what should I wear?’


If you ask us, retail therapy is the only therapy. Sometimes, however, those fitting room dilemmas can give us an even bigger headache that the one we walked into the store with. For example: does this blouse go with those flares, or is it too Fleetwood Mac? Is this empire-waist dress flattering or will I end up on ‘baby bump’ watch?

As self-assured as we know we are, I think we can agree that advice is always welcome. In fact, sometimes it’s straight up required, and as nice as it would be, having a personal stylist 24/7 isn’t quite doable if you’re not the rich and famous…or is it? Enter, Shopdrobe.

This brand new app will be your favourite new shopping buddy. Promise. Think Instagram meets Twitter, meets Facebook: the best of each of our favourite social media platforms join forces in the best meetup-circle-of-friends ever to solve our fashion woes.

Founded by Lev Grybov and Vagan Khranyan, Shopdrobe was created for true-to-the-bone fashionistas and shopaholics alike to create a community where trend-setters can share and inspire each other. We know, we know, how was this genius idea thought of only now?  You can upload, share, and ask advice on looks. Basically, you have no excuse for committing a fashion faux pas, not to mention you’ll always look ‘on fleek’—that’s what the kids are saying these days, right?

“Although I am a very decisive person myself, when it comes to something unfamiliar I, as most people, prefer to ask for a second opinion,” says Lev. “So when my conservative nature got stuck in a fashion store experimenting with different patterns and shades of waistcoats, shots were fired.” 

We’ve all been there, and sometimes those kinds of decisions have to be made in a limited amount of time. Lev and Vagan saw the problem and decided they would be the ones to find a solution.

Users will have all the instruments necessary to receive and give advice on looks and outfit conundrums.

“We decided to go beyond that and give our customers a chance to set their own fashion trends through posting their everyday, or perhaps, special looks for others to see,” explain Lev. “We do not limit our users in terms of how creatively they can use our functions and we also reward the most active ones!”

Lev’s hope for Shopdroe is for it to become an online community of like-minded people, who all share a passion for style and fashion. “Shopdrobe gives everyone a chance to experiment with their style by trying something new, while being supported by friends.”

Possibly the best thing about the app is how all-inclusive it is, encouraging men to participate in fashion as well, after all the idea for app came to Lev, “We strongly believe that men and women should be equal in terms of what they can wear” he says.

Not only did two young men found the app, but out of the whole team, only one is a woman (a dynamic which we find very refreshing): Yana Kushpitovska, Shopdobe’s Fashion Advisor. “What we really love about our team is our interests’ diversity: we compliment each other; each member always has some unique knowledge to share with others” says Lev. While they don’t all call themselves fashionistas, the Shopdrobe team members all have an interest in the industry, whether it’s the creative or economic aspect of what is nowadays an institution.

“I believe that fashion is the perfect way to express your personality. I try to choose only clothes that will highlight my own style and refresh it at the same time. I suggest that when you’re shopping, you should always buy things, first of all, for your soul, something you will feel comfortable and confident wearing,” says Yana. And then, of course, snap a pic and share it on Shopdrobe.

For fashion destinations, she suggests some of her favourites: “My favorite brands for clothing are Zara, Cos, Sandro, Celine, Y3, Stella McCartney. As for fashion destinations, I can suggest Selfridges for its creativity and democratic approach, and not to forget amazing magazine and books departments that they have. Dover Street Market is the fusion of an art space and concept store. You can always find all the latest collaborations and most unusual brands, as well as have a nice coffee on the top floor terrace.”

Well, we know where we’ll be spending our weekend—and money— now! For some fashion inspo, instead, she sends us over to The Haute Pursuit, 100sss and Anna Dello Russo’s instagram account.

You know how the saying goes: teach a man to fish… Or in this case, teach a man and woman to dress! With Shopdrobe you have all the tools to build the perfect outfit, every day, for any occasion.

Olivia Cassano

Olivia is a 21 year-old journalist living in London. As a Media and Communications graduate, she is a self-confessed pop culture aficionada, social media fanatic, and gender rights activist. Originally from Italy, she is a foodie and health nut but strongly believes mac’n’cheese should be its own food group.

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