What is the Viral TikTok Trend ‘Rich Mom Energy’?

It’s giving… Rich mom energy.

#quietluxury has been the undeniable trend of spring/summer 2023, but as we move into the new season it’s time for ‘rich mom energy’ to take centre stage. And as much as we loved living our best girlboss life, ‘rich mom energy’ takes a more ‘self-care’ approach to luxury fashion (oh how we’ve missed flat shoes).

The ‘rich mom energy’ trend which currently has 28.4 million views on TikTok is characterised by oversized sunglasses, gold jewellery and lots of white – perfect for picking up an overpriced coffee, treating yourself to a pedicure or strolling around a weekend flower market.

This look has been seen on fashion icons such as Demi Moore, Gisele Bunchenden and Katie Holmes.

In order to get to the bottom of this trend, Megan Watkins, Head Stylist of online fashion destination SilkFred, has given us the rundown of what the ‘rich mom energy’ trend entails and how we can pull off this high-end look ourselves.

Expert commentary from SilkFred’s Head Stylist, Megan Watkins, on the trend ‘rich mom energy’:

What is ‘rich mom energy’ fashion?

Megan reveals: “First off, it’s important to note that you don’t need to be rich or a mom to pull off this luxury look. As this TikTok explains, rich mom energy is all about wardrobe basics that are also practical, accented by a designer or more high-end pieces. These are casual, daytime outfits that are perfect for errands, brunches or get-togethers.”

“We’ve been obsessed with quiet luxury since the last season of Succession dropped, and rich mom energy is quiet luxury’s more laid-back, family-friendly sister. Instead of high heels, its sandals. Instead of button-up shirts, it’s classic t-shirts. And it’s time to ditch your suit trousers for mom jeans.”

How can I pull off the ‘rich mom energy’ look?

Megan reveals: “Neutral hues, especially white, are key to embodying ‘rich mom energy’. Of course, most mums know that white is a no-no, especially around smaller children, but this is all part of the aesthetic. Think white denim paired with a slightly oversized jumper or t-shirt, if the weather allows. ‘Rich mom energy’ is also in favour of practicality, so throw on a crossbody bag, a sporty watch and a flat shoe.”

“Don’t forget to add a high-end or luxury accent to your outfit, like a designer bag or sunglasses. If you don’t have something like this in your wardrobe, accessories like chunky gold jewellery, straw totes or even something like a black or brown leather belt will help elevate your outfit to ‘rich mom energy’ status.”

Anabel Cooper

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