Power Dressing For Women: Pros and Cons of Bespoke Tailoring

Nowadays we are surrounded by shops that can provide us with every item we can think of, from airy dresses to casual trousers. However it is still worth remembering that bespoke clothing not only can make us look unique but, what is more important, fits our body well and gives us the feeling of absolute comfort.

There are many evident advantages of bespoke tailoring. The first one is obvious – our piece of clothing is made-to-measure, so that we can not have any doubt, everything fits perfectly, nothing juts or is too long. 

Experienced tailor will sew an absolutely original piece just for us, to turn heads at work and can provide us with information about the best cuts, that will be best for our tastes and figure. 

The next thing is our freedom of choice when it comes to designing. Many of us like to stand out from the crowd and posses items that no other can buy in a regular shop. Bespoke tailoring comes in handy for them. We should also take quality into consideration – bespoke clothing will always present better quality than the garments available in chain-shops. Tailors tend to buy fabrics from verified suppliers, to be sure of their reliability. COTTONBEE can be count among these proven fabric vendors. They offer a variety of fabrics with different patterns, colours, grammage and, last but not least the ability of fabric printing, what greatly widens our customisation possibilities.  

The whole sewing process is usually very swift, providing that we hired a skilled tailor. Unfortunately using the services of an inexperienced tailor, of low renown can end up not as we expected it to end. For some, a long time of waiting to achieve the end result can be a minor disadvantage. The process can last even few weeks and that is of course a con. Especially while we take wedding dresses into consideration, so the future brides should arm themselves up with patience.

By all means, the last major disadvantage is of course the price. Depending on what fabric we have chosen, the design difficulty and many other factors it can vary, but will certainly be bigger than the regular shop price.

Pros and cons seem to be balanced. By choosing an experienced tailor we can create a unique piece of clothing that will stand out surrounded by casual chain-shop garments. 

Makeda Waterman

Makeda Waterman is an online journalist with writing features on CNBC Make It., Yahoo Finance News and the Huffington Post. She also runs an online writing business with 3.5 years of experience.

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