Home is Where the Work Is: This is How People Really Feel About Working From Home

Love working from home? You aren’t the only one. According to the results of FlexJobs’ 7th annual workplace survey of more than 3,100 respondents this is how people really feel about remote work.

Looking at the results below, it’s clear to see that if employers want to maximize their employees’ productivity, smart business leaders need to seriously consider the feedback from their staff that they’re being more productive outside the traditional office environment.

· 65% of workers think they would be more productive working from home than working in a traditional office environment.

· Fewer distractions, fewer interruptions from colleagues, reduced stress from commuting, and minimal office politics are the top reasons people prefer their home office.

· Work-life balance (73%) was ranked more important than salary (70%) when evaluating a job prospect.

· 61% have left or considered leaving a job because it did not have work flexibility.

· Only 39% think the various generations work well together in the workplace

· Nearly half said they have felt discrimination in the workplace because of their gender.·

· Just 8% of workers said they prefer going to the office to do important work.

“People across generations and various demographics, such as working parents, freelancers, introverts, those managing chronic illnesses, caretakers, and many more, may have different reasons for why they’re more productive telecommuting, but the bottom line is workers across the board say they get more work done from their home office,” said Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of FlexJobs.

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