Update Your Spring Accessories to Stay Office Chic

Update your spring accessories to stay office chic

Update your spring accessories to stay office chic

Although it may not look it outside, spring has officially arrived and therefore is the perfect time to bring some new sparkling (and inexpensive) must-have accessories into your wardrobe. Jewellery is an easy way to update your office look with just a few modest key pieces. But which accessories are appropriate for the office and which ones should be saved for a weekend coffee run with friends? In order to make sure you’re all fashionable and ready to head to the office in style in the coming months we teamed up with UK based DOSE of ROSE to provide you with fun, gorgeous and affordable pieces which can easily keep you chic at work for Spring.


Sienna Han is the designer behind DOSE of ROSE and has years of experience creating designs for brands from high street to high end. With DOSE of ROSE, she decided to make pieces which moved away from mass produced products to offer both beautiful and unique jewellery that matches wider trends. Sienna is known for her distinct personal style and picks pieces for her collection based on each piece’s individual charm. With such great range of staple pieces that dresses up even the most basic outfits, she finds pieces which are firmly on trend, but still unique enough to give you something not everyone else is going to be seen wearing, which we love!

DOSE of ROSE emerald bracelet

Accessories can bring personality to any outfit, and that includes office wear. When it comes to office appropriate jewellery for Spring Summer, feel free to mix metals with crystals, sparkles with satin and layer a few different pieces. As long as the rest of your outfit is on the simpler side, your jewellery won’t distract from your overall professional look and will still give a touch of sparkle to your ensemble.

If you want to add some subtle glam to your everyday office look, a chic necklace is your perfect option. We love this Multi Row Chain Necklace in White Gold which could easily add a dose of fun to any outfit. Then again if your style is more relaxed and you prefer a more Boho feel, the Two Row Necklace would definitely suit your laid back vibes. Pair it with a black blazer, white chiffon and denim to keep you looking office ready.

To complement a more sophisticated look, the Crystal and Pearl Cuff or the Double Pearl Necklace could be your perfect options. Likewise, if you are a rocker girl at heart, you might be more drawn to the Peace Symbol Earrings in studded gold or the Chunky Stone and Chain necklace.

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