Opposite Attract and Provide Valuable Insight For New Ideas

Opposite attract and provide valuable insight for new ideas

Opposite attract in business

A very good business practice is to ask opinions of those who tend to think quite differently. This is particularly so for when a new idea comes to life but you want to make sure there aren’t any gaps in the plan.

Opposing Opinions

For example, those who are creative versus those more technical in nature or studious, will ask questions that may have never occurred to you. By incorporating their thought as it complements yours, you will appeal to a larger audience and increase sales potential.

Look Up to Become an Equal

Two other variations of learning from those who think differently from you are to also be taken under serious consideration. The first is to welcome opportunities inviting you to work with those who have a much higher experience level. While it may be scary at first, you will ease into the position if you allow yourself to do so. You would not be invited to join in if the other people didn’t see something special in you, too.

The other variation is to invite people with seemingly more experience than you to connect on the social sites. It’s surprising how many will oblige. An added benefit is being seen in their networks.

Your Story

Think back to the times you been asked into a meeting only to wonder, “Why would they ask me?” Something was seen in your capabilities to fill in the empty gaps. Create a list of these types of requests:

Did you say “no” or “yes”?

What was the outcome?

Will your initial reaction to similar requests change in the future?

Omit Regret 

The worst scenario is that of looking back only to recognise a HUGE opportunity was missed. Facing regret is more difficult on a person than stepping up to do a job with only mediocre results. Even if the result proves disastrous, you at least know you tried. The not trying is the worst scenario of all.

As these situations arise, give yourself a pep talk that you can do it. Dig in to learn all you may. This is the surest way to advance your business and career. Scary opportunities are our gifts in disguise. They will enable you to build a strong personal brand.

Sales Tips

If the offer scares you, say “Yes” to learn more.

Should the offer be above your head, it may be well worthwhile to get coaching on the side.

Discuss the pros and cons of joining forces with trusted colleagues.

Do research to familiarise yourself with the basic information.

As research is conducted, read up on varying viewpoints.

In the next meeting share what you have found and ask for opinions.

Many times there are no right or wrong answers, just varying perspectives. Every six months try something entirely new and seemingly above your area of expertise. Each time you undertake a scary project, review how far you have come. Recognising the strides you made, celebrate and consider what you might conquer next.

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