LaBante Launch Vegan Handbag for Spring 2016

LaBante launch vegan handbags for spring 2016

LaBante launch vegan handbags for spring 2016

Who doesn’t love a good bag to tote around all your stuff? Especially, who doesn’t love a bag that gives back, is PETA approved, and saves baby animals? I know I do. Recently, we discovered a London based brand named LaBante that incorporates vegan products into luxurious styles, all with the intention of creating “Fashion With Respect”. Plus the kicker? Prices start at £39. How awesome is that?

LaBante to launch vegan handbags for spring 2016

Say what you want about the fashion industry but more and more of these brands are popping up. Ones that operate under a larger call to action and are actively trying to do good with their products. Plus, if LaBante can be PETA approved, you know those stamps of approval don’t come easily. Combined with that seal, LaBante looks to use only the best products after heavy research and admiration.

Additionally, their bags are insanely practical and transferable from a day to the office to a night out with your girl squad, celebrating that you made it to Friday in one piece. It’s a great brand that’s as mentally friendly as it is for the environment, allowing you to feel a little better about your investment as well as possibly adding a few more bags to your collection too, if possible.

LaBante vegan handbags

LaBante Vegan handbags

They have a variety of styles for every fashion-forward woman as well as a lovely jewellery line that’s made with the same level of respect as the bags you’ll carry your career in. It’s not every day that you feel like you’re getting something more than just a bag, especially a leather one that’s from a high end retailer, and that you can wear all day long. Plus, their new line is launching at the beginning of next month and we’re far too excited about which styles they’ll debut for Spring & Summer. If their current lines are any indication, I’m sure each bag and jewel will be nothing short of flawlessly dedicated to remaining vegan made. And hopefully, more and more designers will hop on board of bringing sustainable fashion to the masses because there is a very demanding audience for these kind of fashion. It could be a great way to connect with an ever changing fan base on one of their core values.

LaBante London vegan handbags

Keep an eye on this brand. They’re wonderful already, even at the starting level, and they’ll be making larger waves soon enough.

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