Six Unexpected Benefits of Going Vegan

Six unexpected benefits of going vegan

What's the benefits of going vegan

Veganuary has taken the nation by storm. Around 50,000 people are expected to have signed up to a January (and beyond) of veganism, but what have they got in store? Everyone has a different reason for going vegan; it’s a personal journey, specific to each individual.

I am not too proud to admit that veganism has always scared me. It has scared me because of the lack of true knowledge I had in regards to the lifestyle. Fortunately for me and many other people, there are groups and societies dedicated to spreading the truth about the lifestyle, what it is and ultimately what it is not. The reasoning for choosing to become vegan lies within each individual. But among all those who have successfully become vegan, there is a pearl of praise. Such pearls have alleviated some of my basic fears of veganism and hopefully it may help alleviate some of yours, as well.

I must first caution, however, that you take the time to decide for yourself.  This is not a choice to make in a fleeting moment nor is it one that should be taken lightly. This is a big decision!  Don’t make such a decision for someone else.  Be proud, bold and deliberate in your decision to go vegan.

Elena Orde of The Vegan Society went vegan two years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. As a result here are six unexpected benefits that Elena Orde found when she went vegan:

Enjoying Food More

Elena noticed that the list of foods she couldn’t eat was relatively shorter to the list of foods she could eat. Elena listed creative ways to eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and in new and innovative ways in order to remain vegan and still enjoy food for food and not just sustenance.

Great Fulfillment

Along with enjoying food physically, Elena mentioned she also felt she was doing something ‘worthwhile’ with each of her days by taking a stand for animals. She mentioned that by not eating what she used to, she was making a larger and more positive impact on the environment by living in new more sustainable way.


Veganism takes discipline if you were not raised in the lifestyle.  Elena was no exception.  She admitted that the first few weeks involved some fairly trying days that proved to be quite tempting for her.  Overcoming such temptation showed Elena that she was more than capable of holding her own against the temptation of back stepping.  After overcoming temptation such as this, Elena has given me hope!  Making it past such weeks makes the ones to come a lot easier to face.

Sense of Community

Elena had no idea who being vegan would attract to her.  Fortunately for Elena, she found great like-minded individuals who were, like her, looking for others to share and communicate with about her new found life-style.  Elena even gave advice on those who move to new places!  The vegan community is open and always readily awaiting people to join. It is very exciting time to be vegan right now!  The year is still fresh, and you are still filled with that New Year’s Resolution energy! There is no time like the present to experience this new way of living.

Widened Circle of Friends

With a new community comes new friends. The community is pointless in making you feel more comfortable if you and the community are not interacting. Elena said it was like finding someone else who liked the same football team as you.  It is always fun to find friends you never thought you would have!

If you want some experiences like Elena’s, and many more unique to you, then sign up to The Vegan Society’s 30 Day Vegan Pledge to receive daily emails containing recipes, tips and advice to help you along the way. Let today be the day that you try this vegan train out!  

Jalen Carpenter

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