Rock ‘n’ Roll ’til Dawn in 60s-Inspired Playful Shoes

Rock ‘n’ roll ’til dawn in 60s-inspired playful shoes

Ops and Ops loafers

Having owned a worryingly vast array of both flats and heels, I’ve pretty much tried it all. But finding good shoes, truly good shoes, is like that French expression “beaucoup d’appelés, peu d’élus” (Showing off? Me? Not at all!). What this means, in shoe terms, is that there are hundreds of shoes out there, and only a few that are up to scratch.

I have searched far and wide (a bit too far, I am led to believe) in my quest for a good shoe, only to be sorely and consistently disappointed. I once bought a beautiful, wincingly expensive pair of gorgeous ballerina flats from an established designer brand. They were stunning. Made with luxurious black suede, lined with checked french frills, they looked like the kind of shoes only a princess could justifiably wear. I had to have them.

Later on that same month, I realised exactly why they were only fit for princesses, when they doubled in size due to rainy island weather. Yes. Those super expensive, heart-achingly gorgeous shoes? I had to throw every suede inch of them away. This is the kind of event they just don’t prepare you for at school.

But moving on. Those days have passed, I got over it,  and now I’m crushing on an entire collection of shoes. And these ones are a whole new ball-game. They eat self-expanding, no-rain, no-mud, no-anything shoes for breakfast. They are party-proof.

Ops & Ops loafers

Ops and Ops (cute, no?) is an adorable new cross-continental brand that was founded by fellow shoe-lovers. They too understand the humongous plight of us party-goers, style-seekers, and fashion-hoarders. What if I don’t have time to change? Can I go out in these? What if it doesn’t go with my dress? These are questions Teri Olins and Steph Jones have both had to answer, consistently, and eventually got fed up answering, so they instead created a super-breed of shoes. Thank you, ladies.

Here are the shoes that are the solution to our life’s problems (along with usage, just in case you weren’t sure):

Party City

Ops and Ops red shiny pair

Shiny? Red? They had me at shiny. I think these feisty little loafers are perfect for turning on the sass in a nightclub or funky bar. In fact, I think you would owe it to them to throw some serious shapes (nobody wants to be the underwhelming dancer in the jaw-dropping shoes, right?).

Added bonus: nobody is going to mess with you in these shoes. Do those look like the kind of shoes that are okay with drinks being spilled on them? I think not.

Usage: Being Beyoncé and attending cocktail bars and trendy events. During the day, they double up as a beacon of hope for passing strangers.

No-nonsense work shoes

Ops and Ops Gunmetal Flats

I’m going to be honest, I think these are pretty special. Super wearable, uber comfy (did you know they mould to your foot?), and perfect for professionals. I’d like to think that the powerhouse who wears these shoes is a stern-but-twinkly go-getter.

Usage: Work, work-to-evening chic, or to dress up an outfit!

Sunday Shoes

Ops & Ops cream flats

Just looking at these shoes makes me think of cashmere blankets, picnics, and warm baths. They are the epitome of relaxation shoes. Stylish enough that people still know you’re a Queen, but super versatile, I really think these would be the perfect kick-back-and-relax loafers.

Usage: Travelling, looking fabulous on the weekends, casual day-wear.

One for the dreamers

Ops & Ops car sky flats

And this one… is just in it for the fun. I mean, doesn’t it look exactly like Cinderella’s slipper, in comfortable shoe form? Maybe I’m just attempting to re-live my princess dreams, but look at that soft pastel blue! It’s just dreamy.

Usage: Feeling like a fairy tale princess.

Rashina Gajjar

Rashina Gajjar is a copywriter, digital strategist, and editor-in-chief of Globe Of Love, a website she founded in 2014. She speaks three and a half languages (English, French, Spanish, and a dash of Italian) and is extremely fond of travelling, socialising, and writing about self-improvement. In her spare time, she loves engaging in new projects, and is currently in the process of publishing a book filled with pep talks from people around the world!

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