4 Ways to Develop Your Employability Skills This Summer

If you want to increase your employability this year, read our article to find out which skills can be gained, and how to hone them with these quick tips!

If you’re wanting to up your game as an employable candidate this summer, there are a number of skills you can learn to make yourself more desirable to a potential employer…

If you want to strike gold with your opportunities to enhance your career and improve your employability prospects, here are four top tips to help you on your way to securing a high performing profession.

1. Continuous Learning

One of the most attractive attributes to a potential employer is a candidate who has an interest in continually learning new skills and advancing their knowledge in their role.

For this reason, enrolling in distance learning degrees can prove invaluable to helping you to secure the knowledge you need to advance your career, whether through promotion or a change in role. 

Universities like Anglia Ruskin have a wide range of courses to help you learn more in your preferred industry. An accredited degree like the Applied and Clinical Psychology BSc course can help you learn essential industry-wide skills and gain a recognised qualification on top.

2. Be Adaptable

Adaptability in any industry is the key to securing a rocketing career path. Many employers keep a look out for candidates who are willing to learn different skills, and can adapt to difficult situations like sudden conflict, high pressure and tight deadlines. 

To do this, you can hone your transferable skill set, namely conflict resolution, communication, teamwork and leadership skills. Not only will this help you to excel in your chosen career, but it will make you a great team player and a pleasure to work with.

3. Gain Practical Work Experience

Work experience is a valuable asset to any CV, especially when applying for jobs in the industry you want to specialise in. Getting started in any job market can be difficult, which is why voluntary work can be a useful leg up to getting well-needed experience to demonstrate your skills on your CV.

You can find masses of voluntary roles on websites like Do.It, which is a site dedicated to helping you find your next volunteer role to suit your skills and ambitions.

4. Take Part in Practice Interviews

If you know someone who works in a recruitment role, or has recruitment responsibilities, you could ask them to help you practise your interview techniques. Many candidates find job interviews to be nerve-wracking, so practising with a friend beforehand can help to ease those nerves.

To examine examples of interview questions that may come up, websites like Glassdoor may be useful for searching which questions are most commonly asked.

Do you have any tips for developing employability skills? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Written by Daisy Carr

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