5 Marketing Mistakes Businesses Make when Promoting their Products or Services Online

Navigating the realm of marketing a businesses online is no straightforward endeavour. Within this bustling landscape, standing out becomes a challenge, and making the right choices for an effective marketing mix can be overwhelming, and that’s why some people get some help from services like Promo Advertising that help in this area.

As a result, it’s all too easy to stumble into the pitfalls we’re about to explore.

Mistake 1: Not taking the time to understand your target audience

If you are talking to everyone, you are talking to nobody. Before you start putting any content out there, be absolutely clear on who your message is for and get to know them inside out.

What are their goals? What problems are they facing? And most importantly where can you add value to them?

Grasping their preferences, requirements, and concerns lays the groundwork for crafting messages that resonate and ultimately build trust. 

Mistake 2: Giving up too soon

Like most things in life, success doesn’t happen overnight. And when it comes to marketing, it can take time and even some trial and error to find the channels, formats and tactics that bring you the best results. Consistency is your ultimate power-up.

Before throwing in the towel and deciding that something is not quite working for your business, make sure you have truly given it the time it needs. Measure consistently. Ask yourself why you are not getting the results you want and if you can adjust. Reassess. But see it through before trying ‘the next new thing’.

Mistake 3: Speaking your language, not theirs

The property sector is rife with complex topics and intricate language, yet your audience might not be fluent in it. Make sure you are aware of their level of awareness and understanding around your message. Share your expertise, but break it down. Solve problems in a way your audience understands and connects with.

Mistake 4: Taking shortcuts when it comes to relationships building

Instant sales with zero trust is a myth. You might have a great service offering, but why should people choose your business? Trust is a big one.

For people to get behind a brand (and therefore feeling comfortable buying it) they need to build a mutual connection with it. So while paid ads are a great way to boost visibility, first-time viewers are unlikely to buy right away.

Nurture relationships and engage with people before expecting a sale. Engage with your audience, tailor your message so they feel like you are talking to them.

Mistake 5: Measuring the wrong thing (and forgetting the context)

You have probably heard of ‘vanity metrics’. These are like a shiny exterior that impresses others, but don’t provide the insight needed to shape your future marketing strategies based on your actual performance.

Having a million followers is great, but pretty meaningless if these people are not engaging with your content or taking further action. So unless you look at that number in a wider context, you won’t be able to take actions and make the right decisions.

There we have it – 5 common marketing pitfalls you can now avoid!

Written by: Beatrice Ronchetti, Marketing Consultant for the Property Industry