Tips on Improving Your Business Website

If you have a business, then you should pay particular attention to your website. That’s why it would be an advantage for you to know that you can maximize ROI of your website design with these tips. Your website is your main piece of marketing. It is the place your customers will visit if they want to make a purchase; it is the place the search engines will highlight after a relevant query has been keyed in. It is a space for you to highlight your brand and why you are the right company to buy from. A website is, in effect, a digital shop window, and you need to make sure it has all the effects your customers will be attracted by. As the digital revolution progresses, this is only going to become more relevant. You need to set aside some resources, hire an Award winning website design agency, and make sure that you have a great website that makes you proud. Below are a few things you should think about to create a great website.

Your Brand

Your brand is the thing that underpins all your marketing. It is where you create your company identity, personality, philosophy, core values, ethical concerns, and more. A brand act as the cornerstone of all the messages you send out. It is important that your messages are coherent and relevant to your core brand message; otherwise, you are going to look inconsistent and untrustworthy. First of all, your need to display your brand colors and logo; then, it needs to be written in a way that upholds your brand’s use of language, tone, style, etc. Before you start developing your brand, it is a good idea to work out your core customer identity so your brand can be created to attract these types of people. Use your website as a place to tell your customer about your brand. Create a brand narrative with the problems you are solving in people’s lives and society as a whole and what your vision of the future is. Your brand is a highly complex thing, and everything you post out onto the public sphere needs to be in line with this. So go to the drawing board and create a great brand before you do anything else.  

Prominent Contact Details

It is important that you have your contact details clearly displayed on each page. A lot of businesses depend on their customers contacting them for sales, so the last hedging you want is for your potential lea to struggle to find the phone number, email address, or contact box. The best place is usually at the top in the header section. If you want people to contact you through your social media account, then put links to your social media pages in this section too.

Work on Logical, User-friendly Navigation

Some of the best websites are so because they have easy-to-follow navigation. What this means is that the site is clear, and the menus are logical and in order. There are no broken links in your menu section either – or anywhere else, for that matter. You do not want too many menu tabs on each page. Consider seven as a maximum. This means you may need to really work on your site plan. But this is very important for the customer experience. Also, the coherence of your website will reflect on your business as a whole. Another thing that you need is a link to the homepage on every single page. This is an essential piece of navigation, and a lot of people really appreciate this relatively small thing.  

Call To Action (CTA)

Every page of your website should be designed in such as way that you are enticing the visitor to do something. There should be a CTA such as: fill out the contact form, or call the company, or sign up for a service or newsletter, go to the online shop, buy a product, download something, etc. All CTAs are designed to benefit your company and your business goals in some way. To do this, you need a clear and obvious invitation to do something – a take action button. If you can place it as high up the page as possible, this means that your visitors do not need to scroll down the page to find it.

The Content

You need content that is easy to read, relevant, in date, and appropriate to your customer base. If you have a website already, you may need to look over the content and ensure that it is like this. Sometimes you have a page, and the temptation is to fill it with words. Many of these words are superfluous and actually be putting people off your site. When it comes to written text on a business website, less is most definitely more. Do not worry that your page may look bare. This is preferable to your customers having to read oceans of text to get at what they want. People do not have the time to read literary websites. If you want to show off your writing, then write a book or start a blog. You need to make sure what you write is going to talk to your customer but be simple and effective. Content is also about the images, videos, gifs, etc., that you use too. Images need to complement the written text, not detract from it. Do not create a disconnect. This is not going to intrigue your visitors; it is going to confuse them. You need to use all your content on each page as a way of explaining, educating, and persuading your customer to use your service or buy your product. Harmony is the name of the game. If it flows, it works. If you are struggling with your current website to update it regularly as it is quite complicated, maybe it is time you use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. These make it pretty easy to update and load new content. You are not required to understand HTML or any other programing language. It is also loaded with many different styles and designs for you to choose from.  

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO, like the one serviced by an SEO agency, is important because it is how the search engines, such as, find your website.

Basically, search engines use keywords to locate a relevant site. It scans the query and runs a search for websites based on the words that are entered into the search bar. This means that you need to have these keywords and phrases in the content on your web pages; remember it searches metadata, too, so ensure that you fill out these sections. It is important that you use the knowledge of your customer base to prejudice the types of queries they are going to enter into the search engine. The more keywords and phrases you can predict, the better you will fare. Small Business SEO Services strives to enhance a website’s visibility on search engines. This is achieved through various techniques such as keyword optimization, content creation, and backlink building. These services help small businesses draw more potential customers, leading to increased sales. The right SEO strategy can enable a small business to compete with larger rivals. Another way the search engines locate a relevant website is to check for recently updated content. Although you should be regularly changing your content when it expires and when new information becomes known, it is not possible to constantly update your regular content this way. To get around this, it is a good idea to have a blog. A blog that is loaded with keywords to help you stay as high up the search engine results as possible. Vlogs – video blogs can be good for this, too, as you can add metadata to these.  

Use Tools

If you want to give your visitors the best possible user experience, then you should try and increase the functionality of your website. Having some interactive things on there is a good idea. For example, if you are a clothes venue, then why not have a tool where people can upload an image of themselves and put some of your clothes on the picture of themselves? Other more fundamental; include an online shop on your website – this is something CMS can offer you as a plug-in or web chat; take a look at the best online support chat for website. IInvesitage what is possible with your line of business, and explore what the different CMS offer in terms of plug-ins. 

Mobile Friendliness

When it comes to creating a website, we tend to test on one browser and one device. This could cause issues when used on different devices and browsers. You need to test your site on all the different types of devices and browsers to ensure that it is able to be viewed correctly in any combination. If you use a CMS, these tend to work on all devices and browsers, so that is another complication eliminated by using one. 

Page Speed

Another aspect to consider is the speed your website loads. If it is too slow, and by too slow, we mean over two seconds long, you are likely to receive a high bounce rate – that is where people click onto your site, wait a second or two for the page to load, and then click off. The simple bounce in and out. You need to optimize your pages and content and never overload a p[age with too much content. Keep things as simple as possible without compromising on style.

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