Scotland’s Best Solo Travel Destinations this International Women’s Day 

In celebration of International Women’s Day the Cottages & Castles team have revealed their top destinations for solo travellers in Scotland – from sea kayaking in Oban, to experiencing the enchanting history of Orkney – these spots are ideal for welcoming solo travellers of every kind to this wonderful corner of the world.

Glasgow is perhaps one of the best examples of friendly culture; in fact in 2022 Glasgow was named the UK’s second friendliest city (after Cambridge). You’re more than likely to have a stranger strike up a conversation with you at the bus stop here which is a great way to meet new people and avoid feeling lonely on a solo trip. A great example of their welcoming and community spirit is exemplified by the Duke of Wellington statue with an orange traffic cone on it outside the Gallery of Modern Art. In 2012, the cone was swapped for a gold one in celebration of Team GB’s successes at the Olympics. More recently, it has been painted in the yellow and blue colours of the Ukrainian flag.

Are you a foodie solo traveller? If so, Oban could be the spot for you, as it’s often referred to as the seafood capital of Scotland, and is home to the Oban Chocolate Company and the world-famous Oban Whisky Distillery! It’s also a great place for sightseeing without the big crowds of some of Scotland’s larger cities.

We recommend a visit to McCaig’s Tower on Battery Hill, also known as Scotland’s ‘Colosseum’ which offers unique views of the Sound of Kerrera and out to the Oban Bay islands.

This viewpoint might inspire you to get out on the water if you are hoping for your solo holiday to double as an adventure holiday too! Sea kayaking is a big deal in Oban, with a local operator launching trips from the beach regularly. 

Perth is the ideal destination if you count photography on your list of hobbies, alongside solo travel! There are a number of dramatic landscape shots to be had, including the beautiful sunsets that can be enjoyed on Kinnoull Hill, the fine architecture of Perth Bridge (also known as Smeaton’s Bridge) over the River Tay, and the stunning botanical paradise of Branklyn Garden which dates back to the 1920s.

Aberdeen is another of Scotland’s cities to have appeared on the ‘friendliest’ lists, coming in at number 6 in 2021. It has also been awarded the accolade of safest Scottish city for a number of years. Why not follow in the footsteps of Aberdeenshire’s famous daughter, Nan Shepherd, who ventured west into the Cairngorms National Park? The majesty of the landscape inspired her to write the now canonical memoir, The Living Mountain. While you might not have plans to pen a classic, you’re sure to be impressed by the hills, moorland and forest. It’s not all about exploring however; we recommend you head to Abernathy Forest, one of the best spots in the area for forest bathing.

Inverness is another city on our list which is ideal for solo travellers looking for a taste of Scottish arts and culture, and particularly good for anyone keen to learn more about Highland life. If your solo travel trip is being done by car, Inverness is a great place to pick up the North Coast 500 route. Taking this route will showcase the stunning coastal scenery of Scotland’s far north, as you journey up through Tain, Brora and Helmsdale, all the way up to the northernmost Highlands and to spots such as Caithness, Thurso and, of course, John O’Groats. From here, you can access the final stop on our list of solo travel destinations – the spectacular Orkney Islands.

Orkney is a truly unique place that is much easier to reach than you might think, thanks to ferry services from the Highlands departing up to three times a day. Orkney is an ideal spot for a solo traveller and is on a number of ‘best destination’ lists thanks to it being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be sure to visit the Old Man of Hoy, a distinctive red sandstone sea stack. The best way to catch a glimpse is to take a boat trip, with many operating from Stromness. These excursions showcase the abundant wildlife that call this archipelago home, including seals, kittiwakes and guillemots. You may also catch sight of the whales and dolphins that swim the waters around Orkney.

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