How to Keep Your Office Clean

The importance of a clean office can easily be overlooked. To many of us, it might seem an unimportant and unproductive use of resources, with a low ROI. This couldn’t be further from the truth – a clean office is essential for both the productivity and wellbeing of your employees, and should be a priority of any business owner. While it can seem like a never-ending, monotonous task, there are some effective ways of ensuring that your office stays clean, which we explore below.

1. Set a cleaning schedule

One of the most important elements of ensuring a consistently clean office is setting a commercial cleaning schedule, and sticking to it. Create a detailed rota for each room, with a breakdown of what needs cleaning and how frequently.

Some areas will need cleaning more regularly than others; for example, bathrooms might need cleaning a couple of times a day, while desk areas could do with a tidy-up every day and a more in-depth clean at the end of each week.

Maintaining a consistently clean office environment is vital for a productive and professional workspace. Establishing a well-structured commercial cleaning schedule is crucial, ensuring that every area is thoroughly maintained. Hiring professionals for office cleaning is the key to achieving and sustaining impeccable cleanliness. These experts possess the expertise, equipment, and knowledge to execute efficient and thorough cleaning routines, ensuring that your office space remains inviting and hygienic. By entrusting your office cleaning to trained professionals from office cleaning Adelaide, you can focus on your core business while providing a clean and healthy environment for your employees and clients alike.

2. Implement office hygiene rules

As with most things, prevention is often the easiest and most effective way of keeping your office from getting overly dirty in the first place. One of the best methods of prevention in this area is through the implementation of office rules. These could be simple things, like not eating at the desk, but they also have to be realistic.

If employees can’t eat at their desk, then they need to be provided with a viable and attractive alternative, like a nice dining area, or a lunch break that’s long enough to go to a nearby cafe. In order for rules to be effective, they have to be integrated into office culture – this means taking a nuanced approach, and not just sticking up a laminated sheet on the notice board.

3. Invest in the latest technology

There are an increasing number of technological solutions that can help you keep your office not just tidy but also hygienic. These are varied in nature, and some will be more effective than others – it’s important to do your research before going for an option that might look attractive, but in fact, be quite ineffective.

An example of a tried and tested solution that a number of businesses are adopting is mobile UVC units, made by companies like VIOA. These units emit ultraviolet light that can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses found on surfaces. They can be set on a timer, and will likely lead to significant long-term savings on cleaning expenses. As we continue to tackle the lasting effects of the coronavirus, it will be important to employ more effective and financially viable hygiene solutions like these

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