Six Actionable Tips to Stay Cool in the Office During the Heatwave

Closing the blinds, placing ice on your wrists, getting your AC maintained by air conditioner specialists, and keeping hydrated are some of the ways we keep cool in the office here at YCB.

It’s always important that employees are comfortable whilst at work and ensuring the temperature of the office is right is key. If the current system is suitable, then calling heat pump repair experts to provide some maintenance and upkeep would be a good way to ensure it runs as efficiently as possible. If the building isn’t equipped with air-conditioning units, a lovely summers day can soon become unbearable and motivation will soon dwindle. So if you have the budget, it’s worth getting an ac installation to survive the summer heat, as well as prioritizing regular ac repair and maintenance.

By adapting to the weather and ensuring some of these tips are followed, the temperature will feel a lot more manageable when working from your desk.

1. Blinds

If your office comes equipped with blinds or curtains, keeping them shut throughout the day will reduce the glare and heat from the sun. As the heat of the sun shines into the office, it has a similar effect to a greenhouse, as the heat can’t escape. Half Price Blinds are available with the uncompromising quality and comfort.

2. Pulse points

Placing ice on your pulse points, such as wrists and behind your ears will help cool your body down quickly. Of course, it may leave you feeling rather wet and needing a cloth to dry you down but will be a quick easy fix.

3. Fans

If air-con isn’t an option having a fan at each desk, or group of desks will keep you cool. If the fan isn’t quite sufficing on a hot summer’s day, place a glass or tray of cold water in front of it. The water droplets will be carried in the air, helping to cool it down.

4. Evening air

If it’s safe to do so leave some of the windows in the office open ajar on an evening. This will allow the cooler air to circulate through the building and cool down the hot air of the afternoon.

5. Clothes

Ensure that you have adapted your clothes to suit working in a hot office. Although sun tops and shorts may not be suitable, leave the thick shirts and jumpers in your wardrobe. If you’re worried about feeling too cold bring a jumper with you. It’s easier to put clothes on than take them off.

6. Hydrated

When you’re sat at your desk for most of the day it can be easy to forget about drinking water. When it’s hot opt for water instead of teas or coffees which are likely to make you feel even warmer. Ensure you always have a bottle or glass of water to hand and you’ll likely end up drinking more.

Sophia Anderson

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