Keep Your Hair Healthy Between Appointments with Vegamour

Find out how to keep your hair healthy and shiny in the Winter with Vegamour’s Hair Care Line

Between the glitzy events and fizz-filled dinners, the festive season is a joyous yet demanding one for us. It’s a time that requires the bulk of our efforts and energy to be spent on hosting and socialising, causing us to discard our usual hair care routines. We rely on trusty hairdressers booked far in advance to help us look our best. We frazzle our strands with heated tools for those coveted christmassy curls. However, the festive season will soon pass, and after all the fun, cheer, and excessive heat-styling, what we’re left with is a dry, frazzled mane that’s crying out for some TLC. Plus, with those cold, wintry conditions doing us no favours, a healthy hair care routine is needed far beyond December to combat the frizzy strands and thinning ends.

Fear not, we’re here to help. Keep reading to discover how to take care of your hair between appointments for a radiant, full, and glowy mane all year round. 

Tackling Thinning 

You can add a certain sparkle to your outfit with glitzy earrings and a red lip, however, it’s hard to feel chic when hair thinning is on your mind. There can be multiple reasons behind it, from childbirth to over-styling, and while it’s a commonly experienced issue, it can leave you lacking in confidence and feeling uncomfortable.

However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. New phyto-actives found in Vegamour’s GRO Hair serum protect and strengthen the strands for thicker, fuller hair. There are no harsh chemicals or sketchy side effects, just a clean, plant-based formula that provides visible results in 4 months.

If your hair loss has been triggered by the demanding, social lifestyle of the festive season, simply massage a few drops into the scalp on a daily basis and discover the solution you’ve been searching for. 

Fighting Frizz 

Next up, let’s tackle those static, frizzy strands, commonly experienced during the winter snap. This is due to two major factors: our precious woolly accessories and the harsh dry air. This bad-hair-day concoction builds up an electric charge, leading strands to spurt out in random directions. While you can deprive yourself of cosy hats and scarves, the freezing temperatures and indoor heating may zap your hair of hydration regardless. If your hair appears frizzy and static in the winter, it is crying out for moisture. Therefore, it’s important that you are not washing with products that will strip your hair of natural oils, and instead, reach for Vegamour’s Gro Revitalising Shampoo and Conditioner Kit

This dynamic hair-washing duo is the world’s first chemical-free keratin hair treatment. Enhanced with clinically proven plant actives and Vegamour’s very own proprietary Karmatin (a vegan keratin) these clean, colour-safe shampoos and conditioners are armed with the active ingredients to achieve your healthiest, hydrated hair.

Combined with nourishing oils and murumuru butter to help condition and hydrate, introducing these two miracle products to your hair care routine will tackle the very worst of winter frizz for a thick, luscious mane. Don’t forget, when you do shampoo and condition, try to rinse in cold water to close the cuticles for a smooth finish! 

Securing the Salon-Fresh Shine 

Finally, we have that dullness that often emanates from the hair during the winter. When the hair loses its shine and lustre, sometimes it seems that the only solution is another trip to the salon. However, GRO Biotin Gummies feature a proprietary combination of vitamins and minerals that help you to secure that enviable, salon-fresh shine on a daily basis.

Biotin and folic acid as well as vitamins B-5, 6 and 12 work to support your body’s production of keratin and collagen (what naturally gives your hair that shine). Meanwhile, a variety of other vitamins help to protect and maintain your hair and scalp’s health. Simply pop one of these delicious strawberry gummies into your daily routine and watch your hair transform with a new-found radiance, no salon needed. 

The weather outside may be frightful, but your hair doesn’t have to be! Focus on your winter hair care routine with Vegamour and wake up to bouncy, shiny locks- what better way to brighten the post-festive blues?

For that Holiday glow-up, get your hands on your own Vegamour hair care kit at

Josie Wilkins

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