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How to Work Prints in to Your Staple Workwear Wardrobe

How to work prints in to your staple workwear wardrobe Career women know the value of functional clothing that’s stylish and fun too. Whether you’re getting the kids ready for school or wrapping up a morning workout, an easy outfit can help navigate busy [...]

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Find Your Perfume Personality with Perphone, the Perfume Bottle with a Twist!

Find your perfume personality with Perphone, the perfume bottle with a twist! We rely on our smartphones for everything. They can engage all our senses, heighten all our feelings and tend to all our needs. Using touch screen technology we can watch back old [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

Get Kendall Jenner’s LA Lunch Look!

Get Kendall Jenner’s LA lunch look! High-fashion model, E! reality TV star and YCB favourite Kendall Jenner never puts a fashion foot wrong. Walking catwalks all over the world the 19 year old has proved she can carry off pretty much any look, from [...]

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Meet Kirsten Hazell, the Lady Behind the Nail Bar with a Social Agenda

Meet Kirsten Hazell, the lady behind the nail bar with a social agenda When you get an email from Kirsten Hazell at London Grace asking if you want to pop over for a little gel mani/pedi session and a glass of champagne after work, [...]

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Career Guide

Do These 5 Things to Market Yourself Well

Do these 5 things to market yourself well Marketing, by definition, is creating a positive environment for exchange. It could be exchange of goods and services. Yet, in today’s economy, it also includes the exchange of human resources for financial resources. Viewing yourself as the [...]

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Pillow Talk

6 Shocking Ways to Boost your Fertility

6 shocking ways to boost your fertility According to the Office for National Statistics, the fertility rate in England and Wales has risen over the last decade, peaking in 2010 with the highest total fertility rate since 1973 (wowza!). We’re clearly doing something right, [...]

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Look Up From Your Screen and Look Out at Cannes’ Hidden Gem

Look up from your screen and look out at Cannes’ hidden gem Cannes: famous for film festivals, glitz, glamour, bright lights and busy beaches. Likely to be one of the first places you think of jetting off to if you want to spend the [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: The Uniform

California Breeze: The Uniform  I have a huge crush on this pair of jean leggings. They’re destroyed, cropped, and frame all the right assets. They have great stretch, but don’t lose their shape over time, which is top priority when I’m shopping for jeans. [...]

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