How to Host a Traditional Tapas Evening with the Spanish Chorizo Consortium

The home to idyllic beaches, vibrant cities, and delicious tapas, Spain welcomed over 83 million visitors to its country last year. 83 million people craving a Spanish escape, an experience one returns from with a new lease of life. Whether it’s the reliable promise of sun, the hushed, sleepy Sundays, or the nationwide acceptance of an afternoon nap; there’s something about the Spanish way of living that appeals to everyone. Not to mention the food, of course. We’re talking about traditional tapas; spreads of fresh breads, sizzling seafood and succulent, aromatic chorizo. It is these exact spreads that we attempt to recreate once we touch down on British soil, and while we can easily source the bottles of Rioja and jars of olives, a large question mark hangs over the meat- particularly over its authenticity and quality.

As luck would have it, The Spanish Chorizo Consortium is now here to help us pick the perfect, 100% Spanish chorizo- the key to hosting a traditional tapas night.

Earlier this month, on a rainy Tuesday evening, we were whisked away from the hustle and bustle of London’s Canary Wharf and into Ibérica, a beautiful venue with a rustic interior and a charming atmosphere. We were there to discover the Spanish Chorizo Consortium, and this traditional tapas restaurant seemed like the perfect setting to do so.

The front of the evening’s menu read “After a hard day, there is nothing better than sitting around people who make you feel good and sharing a unique product such as the Spanish chorizo.” This set the tone for the evening, and as our wine glasses were filled and platters of the delicious cuts of pork were brought out, our night with the Spanish Chorizo Consortium began.

As the evening progressed, the conversation flowed as we shared a spread of typical Spanish dishes, from arroz negro to croquetas de jamón. It was blissfully informal yet insightful, with Ignacio and Alejandro seamlessly explaining the work they do at the Spanish Chorizo Consortium. Their objective is to bring a product that’s an integral part of Spanish cuisine to international markets, while ensuring that it is always of the finest quality and entirely of Spanish origin. This is guaranteed through the Consortium’s strict control of the manufacturing processes and product traceability, from the origin of the animals and compliance with animal welfare standards, to the piece-by-piece selection of the final products. Those products that pass the rigorous selection system are distinguished by the Spanish Chorizo Consortium’s label, a bright red and yellow stamp on the packaging.

However, it is not just Consortium’s stamp that differentiates this chorizo from the rest. The chorizo with the quality seal are distinguished by their appearance, their texture, smell, taste, and impeccable presentation. This is because the meat that is added to the sausages is from rated areas that offer a high-quality, lean cut. What’s more, The Spanish Chorizo Consortium brings businesses from the Spanish meat industry together- all of them experts in the production and export of chorizo. The knowledge of these master butchers, who apply centuries-old knowledge and techniques, is a value that they wish to demonstrate to us, the final consumers. Quality, cultural tradition, and a strict product selection: these are the values of the seal which are apparent through every delicious, aromatic bite.

To conclude, when purchasing your next fix of chorizo, don’t settle for anything less than the very best quality, with absolute authenticity. Whether you’re doing the weekly shop in Tesco or Waitrose, be sure to keep an eye out for the Spanish Chorizo Consortium seal- a guarantee that what you’re buying is 100% Spanish, first-class meat- just like the kind you got in that gorgeous little Madrileñan tapería.

To discover more about the Spanish Chorizo Consortium and their stockists, visit their website:

Josie Wilkins

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