Top Tips to Create a Colourful Outdoor Oasis this Summer!

Knowing where to get started when preparing the summer garden can feel overwhelming. With many choices of pots, plants, and accessories to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to begin. But everyone can easily create a thriving and bright garden, no matter how big or small their outdoor space is!

To help guide you through, we teamed up with the team over at sustainable plant pot innovator, elho, to share their top tips to creating the perfect outdoor oasis.

Focus on complementary colour

Deciding on your colour theme can be the trickiest part of designing the ideal summer sanctuary, but it’s not just plant and flower colour you need to consider. The first thing to choose is whether you’d like an impactful, bright, and bold colour scheme or would prefer a serene, calm, and peaceful outdoor oasis with white and pastel colourways.

Once decided, it’s time to pick your plants and pots! The vibia campana collection offers an array of colourways, shapes, and sizes to suit your style. With a range of bright colours, pastel tones and neutral hues, these pots and planters’ pair perfectly with all flowers and plants.

For a statement table centrepiece, opt for the vibia campana bowl in your preferred colour, and fill it with a variety of flowers and greenery. Reds, oranges, yellows, and luscious greens can create a warm, Mediterranean feel, taking your al fresco experience to the next level!

Beautify the boring

No matter how hard we work in the garden, there will always be some aspects we cannot change or wish we could improve. For many, this could be something as simple as a bare wall or even drainpipes. Thankfully, there is a solution to brighten them up.

The vibia campana drainpipe clicker transforms dreary drainpipes into a luscious and thriving vertical garden. With a striking array of colours to choose from, including honey yellow, dusty pink, pistachio green, terra, and vintage blue.

Anthracite and white, and a size of 19 x 16cm means it will fit almost all rounded pipes. Simply attach the clicker to your drainpipe using the handy Velcro strap and fill it with your favourites. Violets, pansies, ivy, and miniature roses create a beautiful aesthetic and also provide food and shelter for vital pollinators like bees, butterflies and insects.

The loft urban green wall rack helps turn your boring brick into a wonderful wall of greenery.

Another simple yet effective way to add character, colour, and life to your garden!

Simply hook pots and planters, like the loft urban wall duo, onto the rack and fill with your favourites. Go for trailing beauties like petunia, creeping jenny, and lobelia for a dramatic waterfall of colour. Or you could even create a herb wall and fill pots with thyme, rosemary and mint – perfect for summer tipples on the patio!

Brighten up balconies 

No garden? No problem! Balconies and sun terraces also have potential to become vibrant outdoor spaces. Banish boring railings and instead decorate them with stunning planters.

The greenville easy balcony planter has handy integrated hooks which easily attach to railings up to 12cm wide and comes with a built-in water reservoir to keep plants hydrated. Simply fill with greenery and flora, like fragrant lavender, vibrant fuchsia or beautiful trailing ivy.

Big, bold and stylish!

This year, it’s all about the big and the bold! But big plants need big pots, thankfully, elho has launched two large capacity planters – perfect for oriental acers, stunning eucalyptus and tangy Mediterranean citrus trees. The greenville XXL planter boasts 55cm of space and comes in two natural, earthy tones; choose from living black or leaf green. For even more space, the vibia campana XXL pot has a large capacity of 65cm, and comes in two stunning shades; anthracite and terra.

All elho products are made using 100% recycled plastic, are 100% recyclable and are made using wind energy from the onsite turbine.

To explore more plant pot innovations, and to get more garden inspiration visit the website at

Charlotte Giver

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