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Game, Set & Match the Weather

Game, set & match the weather   It’s safe to say that June has been a bit of a damp one (to put things nicely) but that’s not stopped us from enjoying all the exciting British Summer events that are on – the trick is [...]

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Summer’s Best Beauty Boxes are From Cohorted.co.uk

Summer’s best beauty boxes are from Cohorted.co.uk We can all agree that we love new beauty products and shopping some of the latest beauty trends, right? Well, what could be better than getting some of the industry’s newest and most sort after beauty products [...]

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Celebrity Spotlight

Life Lessons From the Olsen Twins (in Honour of Their 30th Birthday)

Life Lessons From the Olsen Twins (in Honour of Their 30th Birthday) Imagine the world without the Olsen twins. Full House would have been a very different show (and possibly cancelled. It only held on because of the star power of those two little [...]

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8 Signs You’re Probably Addicted to Coffee

8 signs you’re probably addicted to coffee A caffeine addiction is no joke… Ever felt like you’re hooked on coffee? Or like you can’t start your day without a cup of joe…or maybe three? You and me both. And we might just be a [...]

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Career Guide

5 Ways to Loosen the Grip of the Impostor Syndrome

5 ways to loosen the grip of the Impostor Syndrome The Impostor Syndrome, also known as the Imposter Phenomenon or Imposterism, is a common experience among high achievers. The fear of being unmasked as a fraud (the hallmark of the Imposter Syndrome) is often [...]

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Pillow Talk

What Women Expect From Guys After the First Date

What women expect from guys after the first date First dates are exciting, stomach butterfly inducing, and also mildly terrifying. On one hand, men are afraid of saying something stupid or unintentionally offensive. And on the other, women spend way too many hours preparing [...]

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5 Luxe Travel Destinations For Your Dream Vacation

5 luxe travel destinations for your dream vacation Is that summer we see? Yep, the hot holiday months are literally just around the corner which means summer holidays are approaching! Yay! We couldn’t be more excited for open-toe sandal season, exotic cocktails, new stylish [...]

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California Breeze

California Breeze: All Meshed Up

California Breeze: All Meshed Up Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it’s officially summer, right?! It sure felt like it in the Bay Area as I was sweating my buns off running errands in 100-degree weather today. I was dreaming of a [...]

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