Raise the Roof: 3 Key Ceiling Trends You Need to Try Now

Ceilings are an often-overlooked aspect of home interiors. While we love to choose wall colours and patterns, floor types and textures, and all the furnishings that add a finishing touch to any room, you may forget to look up and appreciate all the space you have above your head.

If you’re looking for a spring makeover or looking to add a splash of personality to your new home, check out these trends that will make you want to dance on the ceiling.

Wallpaper, but on the ceiling

Ceilings usually come in traditional, plain colours — white is mainly used to brighten up spaces, reflect light, and not draw attention away from the rest of your home décor. But a new trend suggests that homeowners want to enjoy more than just four walls and a floor. While you would usually paste paper onto a wall, this trend sees decorators placing vibrant patterns on their ceilings. The trend has had a recent spike in popularity and continues to show growth.

Google searches for ‘ceiling paper’ have never been higher. In fact, in 2022, searches are 16% up on their five-year average.

Popular images for ‘ceiling trends’ on Pinterest include regency-style patterns and fauna decoration, and splashes of texture and colour to the space above our heads.

The statement decoration should be completed with an ornate light feature to match. A pendant light or chandelier centres the space and brings focus to a new decorative ceiling.

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Matching the bedroom walls

Ceilings can often be a strong point of contrast for a room. Darker walls and lighter ceilings often help to highlight the space of a room. But could matching the ceilings to the walls help create a warm place to relax and unwind.

Dusky colours on walls with matching ceilings remove contrast in a room, creating a cosy atmosphere. It’s perfect for a bedroom where a darker room can help you feel relaxed at night.

‘Dark colours look restful and sophisticated, but make sure to add some balance through accessories and furniture in lighter colours or natural textures, to give the bedroom warmth and light’, recommends Kathryn Lloyd, a colour specialist.

Coloured coving

Rooms with lighter wall and ceiling colours can help brighten up spaces. But there are still ways to add interesting coloursand focus to a room without spilling colour onto the entire wall or ceiling.

Coving is an essential barrier between the ceiling and the walls, adding extra detail to your interior. While some may opt for coving that matches the walls or ceilings, you could instead choose a coving colour that contrasts both. Using coving to frame the ceiling is interesting, bold, and a certain talking point for any guests.

The coloured-coving trend we see today shares similarities to Regency-era interior trends. TV shows such as Bridgerton are inspiring us to adopt a more classical style of home while still aiming to stay modern. A blend of old and new that this TV show manages to capture so well.

While you don’t need to use gold leaf to make your coving stand out, dark blues and forest greens can add depth and an extra touch of colour to brighter rooms. You also have the option to use an imitation gold leaf for art for a cheaper cost and still have that elegant look that genuine gold gives.

Next time you decorate your home, remember to look up and appreciate all the extra space you have to decorate. New homes, such as the houses in Newton le Willows, are a complete blank canvas and allow you to express your creative flair from the moment you move in. Use your ceiling space to accentuate the size of a room or consider how a colour change can help improve their purpose within your home, whether that’s to relax in your bedroom or create a specific mood within your living room.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.