How to Give the Interior of Your House a Summery Makeover

Summer, without doubt, is one of everyone’s favourite seasons and it often feels as though we are waiting the whole year for summer to come back around. What better way to feel as though you are constantly immersed in summer than by decorating the interior of your home to give it a summery vibe? This is really simple to do but it will feel amazing to be able to relax in during the summer months, as well as the cold wintery ones, as it will give you hope for the next coming summer. Having a summer theme often coincides with feeling more spacious too, so if you combine the two then your house will see a complete makeover. Here are a couple of ways to do so.

Go For A White Colour Theme 

The colour theme of your house will make such a difference to its overall feeling. Having a dark and cosy colour theme can be nice – but it definitely won’t scream summer. Rather, it will suggest an autumnal or wintery vibe. If you want to make your house feel more spacious and summery, you ought to go for something light and preferably even completely white. This will give a really beachy feel to your home, as well as making it much lighter, which is always a plus. 

You could start by painting the walls white and complete the look by adding in some classy white furniture. This could include having white photo frames, white lampshades, and a white bookcase. You should find your white bookcase at, alongside other white furniture – which is perfect if you want to stick to a consistent theme throughout your house. This retailer also has a range of different styles, all under the white theme, so you can find variations. If you are feeling extra brave – and live in a dog-free and child-free home, you could even go for white rugs, which look amazing if kept clean. 

Invest In Some House Plants 

House plants are another way of adding a summery feel to your house and bringing nature indoors. As long as you know how much you should be watering them, they will bring a fresh element to your home, which will make it feel as though you are outside all of the time. House plants are much nicer than getting fake plants – not only can you always notice the difference in appearance, but it is also actually healthy to have plants in your home as they produce oxygen and make the air quality better. Having a little project in the form of a plant to focus on and to look after is fun, too, and will keep you motivated. Make sure you do a bit of research into what kind of conditions the plants need to thrive, including whether they need watering often or whether they need direct sunlight. 

Collect Some Seashells For Decoration 

If you want to achieve the ultimate summery, beachy feel, why not decorate your house in a way that suggests a day out to the beach? On one of your days out, collect some nice seashells and stones that stand out to you and put these in a jar in your kitchen or even on the windowsills in bathrooms. Again, this will make you feel much more connected with nature, especially when you can hear the sea while putting the shell up against your ear. This is a free way of decorating your home too and can be a nice reminder or souvenir from a day out with friends or family. Collecting shells is a great activity to do with kids and will incorporate some fun into your day out – keeping the kids occupied and not constantly asking you for things to do. You may also incorporate a few pieces of handcrafted sea life bottle art to improve the beach theme of your interior design.

Have Some Summery Scents For Your Home 

As well as having visual objects that are suggestive of summer, another way to hint at summery vibes is by having summer-themed scents in your home. This could be a fresh candle that reminds you of summer sunsets, or it could be a fruity-smelling reed diffuser that reminds you of a morning in the sun. Scents are really important for changing the vibe of your home and if you go for the wrong one – for example, a cinnamon scent in the hot weather, it can feel very mismatched. You could even get a collection of a few different scents so you can go between them, depending on what mood you are seeking. 

Giving your house a makeover is not only fun for the result but is enjoyable during the process too. You can see your house like your own personal project and can decorate it in whatever way you like, adhering to any financial budget you may have. Change the season in your house by having different decorations you can put up for each one, with a white summery theme being a good base for you to work with. 

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.