How to Add a More Luxe Vibe to Your Home

When it comes to home updates and renovation projects, there are many different routes you can take, but if you’re looking to add a more luxe vibe to your home, you’ll want to be a lot more specific in your design choices. Giving a home a more luxurious feel typically involves a broad range of options, from the décor, to the furniture, the paint colour, the appliances, and even the tech gadgets that you’ve got. With that said, it can be overwhelming as to where to start and what will give the most impact.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to create a more luxe vibe in your home, allowing you to just pick one or two items or go all out and really do things up.

Light Fixtures Can Totally Change the Vibe

Homeowners are often quick to change up décor in the house in their efforts to create a more luxe vibe, and in that, they forget how much of an impact lighting has. This includes all types of lighting from floor and desk lamps, to ceiling lights, hanging pendants, and so forth. 

You can start by taking a walk through your home and taking stock of all your light fixtures. Ask yourself if they are modern, whether they give off enough light, whether they make a positive statement in the room, and whether they help to pull a design together. All of these answers can help guide you as you decide which fixtures need to be replaced.

Upgrade and Modernise Your Wine Storage

For those who collect wine, or who would love to have the space available to store more wine in the house, this is a perfect opportunity to make a luxe purchase. Climadiff wine cabinets can be worked into the design of a space so that it feels incredibly modern, luxurious, and elegant all while being functional. 

From integrated wine coolers, to freestanding coolers, and even built-in wine coolers, Expert Wine Storage can provide you with a luxurious option. The company offers free UK delivery over £500, and features a huge array of beautiful looking storage options that can work with all home décor. If you’re having a hard time picking which unit would be best for you, be sure to make use of the online buyer’s guide from the company.

Once you’ve got a luxe way to store your wine, you’ll probably start collecting a lot more bottles. It can even act as a focal point in the room where you place it.

Install Stylish and Modern Bathroom Fixtures

If the bathroom(s) in your home are in need of some luxe updates but you don’t want to tackle a total remodel job, a great option instead can be to install stylish and modern new bathroom fixtures. The taps can have a real effect on the overall look in the bathroom and, over time, they tend to get quite worn looking. This is a chance to install a different style, size, and finish which then changes the entire look of the sink and bathroom as a whole. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try something a little different and unique.

It’s Time for a New Colour Palette

Another effective way to add a sense of luxury to your home is to change the colour palette. This can be a much bigger project depending on how many rooms you want to paint, so you can either paint the entire house at once or just work room-by-room over time.

In choosing a luxury colour palette, your own personal opinion will come into play. Everyone sees luxury as something different, so what you consider a luxurious colour, the next person may not agree. In general, using soft, natural and neutral hues tends to be a great choice. These colours help to create relaxation and tranquillity in the home. They don’t take away from other design elements, and it will feel clean, bright, and crisp. Some great examples are soft grey and taupe. 

Don’t Forget the Furniture

Lastly, there is the furniture in your home, which has a huge impact on the overall design. If you’re opting for a more luxurious vibe, chances are that at least some of the pieces in your home will need to be updated. If you don’t want to purchase new items, you can look into furniture covers such as a sofa cover, or you can even think about having some items reupholstered. 

All of these tips will help you to create a more luxurious, elegant, and sophisticated vibe in your home. As mentioned, you can focus on one room at a time and really perfect the space, or you can take on a bigger project and make changes throughout the entire home for a more cohesive look.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.