Top 6 Best Entertainment Parks in Dubai

Dubai is where luxury meets technology, desert landscape meets majestic skyscrapers. And when it comes to entertainment, Dubai is number 1. Here you will get something amazing, a huge oasis of fun and memories to last a lifetime. Every tourist will find entertainment here, without a complete exaggeration for every taste.

This article provides good options on amusement parks that you can consider. But before you start reviewing places, there is a bonus tip. Dubai has pretty high prices for everything, even public transport, which is very rarely used by locals. In this case, booking Dubai to Abu Dhabi taxi offers not only a local service but also a more cost-effective option with maximum comfort and a fixed price. Moreover, exploring the parks of Dubai becomes even more enjoyable with the convenience provided by this efficient transportation service.

1. Ski Dubai

Winter is coming, which means it’s time to start thinking about winter activities. It would seem that Dubai has nothing to do with winter. But as we wrote above, there is entertainment for all tastes, take a taxi and go to Ski Dubai. This is an indoor skiing complex in the desert, here you will hear the freshness of Alpine air, feel the atmosphere of snow-covered mountains and ride on rather difficult tracks. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it more than going to the not artificially created mountains. By the way, you can even see penguins in this place, so it is definitely worth travelling here for such an emotional experience!

2. IMG Worlds of Adventure

This park is very suitable for Marvel fans; you won’t find such a themed atmosphere anywhere else! Come here to get into the Marvel zone (there are 4 zones in total, but there will be a bias towards one particular one). Go to Avengers Battle of Ultron, find yourself on the battlefield with Ultron, or witness a confrontation between Spider-Man and Dr Octopus. Afterwards, continue exploring the other zones, you can go to the prehistoric lost world of dinosaurs or take a ride on the extreme carousel The Powerpuff Girls. All in all, there’s plenty of fun to be had there all day long! 

3. The Lost Chambers

This is not just any ordinary oceanarium, this is the largest oceanarium in the world where you have the chance to explore the lost Atlantis! You should 100% come here because it is an incredible experience, there are around 65,000 marine animals. You will walk through this magical world and be inspired every second, you will be surrounded by sharks, jellyfish, stingrays and other beautiful creatures. As you walk through the tunnel, be sure to look out for the wreckage of a sunken city. 

Then, we suggest you go to the Behind the Scenes programme, where you can understand how this perfect place is set up and even feed the marine animals. 

4. Play DXB

Since Dubai is simply the peak and top of technology, you owe it to yourself to come to Play DXB, it is the world’s largest indoor reality park that offers you over 30 unique rides and various educational areas (so the park is for all ages practically).

Play Burj Drop and find out how an accident involving you in the world’s tallest skyscraper will end. Or travel to the year 2050 in Dubai to ride an aerial drone taxi in Dubai Drones. Then stir your emotions by trying to survive in a swamp in The Raft. And then freak out and ride your own spaceship into space with the Robocom VR game. All in all, there are a lot of games out there, have fun playing! 

5. Dubai Hills Mall

This is one of the most extreme places, so we advise those who want to seriously tickle their nerves to come here. Emotions you will carry for life. When you come here, you will be able to ride the fastest indoor roller coaster in Dubai, “The Storm”. There are a lot of sharp turns, loops and drives waiting for you.

There is also a place to entertain your children, we advise you to visit Adventure Park by Emaar, there are 11 play areas, trampolines, climbing walls, slides and a lot of other entertainment.

6. GLITCH amusement park

This place is great not only for adults but also for the whole family. The park offers more than 30 rides, and you have to buy a ticket for each one separately. If you want a thrill, we recommend you to get on the Newton’s Wall attraction, where you will defy gravity on the rock climbing wall. There’s also the Kazu Zone, where you can take courses to develop your strength and agility. Here you can also get into SkySurf, Dubai’s only indoor roller ziplane, which simulates free flight.

If you have kids, we recommend showing them the Loop-de-Loop, a 10-metre-long slide with some sharp turns that will leave you with cool emotions and memories. This is not the only slide, explore further to see them all! 

Among other things, the park has an 8-lane bowling centre and a GamePort Arcade, which features classic video games and VR rides with cool special effects. 

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