New Korean Restaurant Opening in London: Sizzle on Down to KGK, the First and Only Korean Grill in the Kensington Area

New to Korean food? Get ready to flip meats on a grill, drink Korean traditional soju and enjoy a seasonal Korean milkshake for dessert. KGK opened earlier this month and offers everything you need to know about savouring a traditional Korean BBQ experience…

Thanks to modern-day technology, the world is quite literally at our fingertips. With just one simple click, we can explore various cultures, experiences, and cuisines that we perhaps would not know about otherwise. However, we now have a desire for what we see on our palm-sized screens to be experienced in reality. We are itching for something fresh, exciting, and unique on a regular basis. Yes, we may still be prone to pop to the local chipper for our hit of the nation’s favourite, fish and chips. However, when it comes to special occasions or a reason to impress, we are seeking those experiences that go beyond geographical boundaries and create memories that out-do those already existing. We are hunting down those experiences that are shareworthy; the ones that will garner those all-important Instagram likes or, depending on your generation, achieve overnight fame on TikTok. So, what kind of eatery is one that can promise exactly that? We may have just the answer for you. Introducing Korean Grill Kensington, or KGK, a brand new restaurant offering a truly authentic evening to remember.

Sat proudly on the corner of London’s Ashburn Place is an elegant Korean restaurant, and the only one of its kind in the entire Kensington area. Recently opened, Korean Grill Kensington is an eclectic eatery and hands-down, one of the most exciting new restaurants in this dynamic city. Upon being shown to our table with an inbuilt grill in the centre, we had an inkling that we were in for a special treat.

As our kind waiter described the Omakase experience we were about to savour, it soon became apparent that our sixth senses were correct. Omakase directly translates to “I’ll leave it up to you.” In other words, the guest puts their trust in the hands of the chef to take the initiative and choose for them. The chef prepares a meal they think their guests will enjoy, with little to no input (other than allergies, of course). We were served mouth-watering dishes that were made with the finest, fresh ingredients and needless to say, the chef predicted our culinary desires with astonishing accuracy. What’s more, the Omakase experience truly emphasises the chef’s skill and creativity, all while encouraging you to broaden your palate and venture away from the ordinary- could this be just the dining experience we are all craving?

The meal began with a succulent tomato and grape amuse bouche. Dumplings and plates of japchae soon followed; a popular Korean dish of sweet and savoury glass noodles. After we had been left with a delicious taste in our mouths, it was time for the main event. Our waiter began by greasing the grill before laying the first of our meats, the signature KGK King Kalbi, down to the griddle. You can take it upon yourself to turn the meat with the tongs provided, but if you forget, don’t worry- the waiting staff are keeping a close eye on it for you. Watch as the juicy red cuts begin to brown and sizzle amongst the fresh vegetables.

Once our meats had been cut and tenderised to perfection, we were presented with a spread of fresh salads as well as ssamjang, a spicy Korean paste, and garlic. The tradition is that you are left to assemble your lettuce wrap with the meat and toppings and dig in! Each bite has the perfect combination of spice and juiciness with a fresh crunch from the lettuce.

The evening itself was a perfect mix of both elegant fine dining and sophisticated entertainment. Our waiter knew everything there was to know about Korean cuisine, explaining the tradition and meaning behind each dish. Once our shots of soju had been taken and dessert dishes cleaned, we left knowing that what we had just experienced went far beyond a usual evening meal out. Instead, we were offered an immersive, authentic, and delicious experience of exploring the cuisine of Korea.

With the many other traditional dishes on the menu such as Bibimbap and Doenjang-jjigae that we didn’t get round to trying, it’s needless to say we will be back for more. Look no further than Korean Grill Kensington for a date night you’ll never forget, and thank us later, of course.

Address – KGK, corner of Courtfield Road and Ashburn Place, South Kensington, London, SW7 4QH

Instagram – @kgklondon

Josie Wilkins

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