How to Make the Most of Your Weekend in London

If you’re planning a weekend away to London any time soon, planning will absolutely help you make the most of your visit to ensure you tick off everything you’d like to do. Although weekends can sometimes fly by, you’d be surprised at how much you can squeeze in to a weekend if you time it right and plan a little! So if you’ve had a weekend in London on your travel bucket-list for some time now, take a look at our tips below to help make the most of your stay.

Take some time to research anything that you’d like to, including any West End shows you might like to see or attractions that are at the top of your list. By jotting it all down you can start to map out where they are and what areas of London you want to spend your time exploring. This will also help you to save time on trying to decide what to do when you get down there.

Staying in a central location can be a real time saver and makes getting around the city to your planned destinations much easier. It also means you can pop back in between any visits, so if you need to drop off any shopping bags or just fancy a rest, you can do so easily. Hotels such as Thistle Holborn are good option if you want to stay in an area with plenty to explore that has great transport links. Staying central is also handy if you plan on being out later in the evening, as grabbing a taxi back to the hotel won’t be too hard. It’s also nice to wake up and have things right outside on your doorstep, making exploring that little bit more enjoyable.

Packing in as much as possible can surely take some strategic thinking when it comes to timings. From trying to arrive as early as possible, to booking in attractions and activities in advance it can all make a difference and help you to squeeze in more. If you’re planning on travelling down by train, then maybe look at getting an earlier train or booking your trains in advance to make sure you get the best deals. Most hotels will let you either check in early if there’s availability or you can leave your bags there, so you can go off to explore the city.

Booking activities ahead of your visit can also help you to save time and money. Booking pre-selected time slots on attractions such as The Shard viewing gallery means you can plan the rest of your day around your time slot and also means you don’t have to queue up on the day. This also might be worth doing for any exhibitions on your to do list as tickets can sometimes sell out fast!

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