Reasons You Should Travel Solo This Summer

The beauty of going travelling on your own is that you are the master of your own trip – you can go wherever you want, do the things you want and be flexible about your trip. While travelling with friends or your partner is great, there will always be compromise when it comes to choosing destinations, picking where you will stay and what you do once you get there. Going away solo, you are the master of your journey!

1. Meet people you wouldn’t have met otherwise

Travelling on your own can be a great way to meet new people and make friends, should you want to. When we travel with someone we know, there is little pressure or incentive to meet new people. Travelling alone is a great time to meet the locals and find out more about the place you are visiting, or to swap stories with fellow travellers. Not only will this get you working on your social skills, but you will also realise that even when you are on your own, you are never truly alone.

2. Immerse yourself in culture

Travel is always a great way to learn about new cultures, but doing it solo can help you to really immerse yourself. You can explore the galleries and museums at your own leisure, while travelling solo means that you can snag that last ticket to an almost sold-out show, or grab the last stool at the bar! To truly immerse yourself, learn some of the local lingo, you can use Linguatics here if you’d like to learn more about languages and how to use those.

There are plenty of apps to choose from, for example a good choice could be language learning app Babbel will get you speaking from the first lesson and working on the perfect accent!

3. Build on your confidence

When it comes to travelling on your own, each day will be different and you will come against new and unfamiliar situations, which will only help you feel stronger and more confident. While you might find yourself scared on your first solo trip, the first time you make a group of friends, or find your way after being lost, or solve a problem by yourself, it will give you a huge boost of confidence and belief in your own resourcefulness.

4. Own your budget

Travelling with your partner or friends is great, but your expenses can often sky-rocket, especially when you are going out to fancy restaurants, or hitting the cocktail bars. Travelling solo means that you can adjust and tweak plans to remain within your budget. Additionally, solo travellers can often get perks, such as upgrades or free tickets!

5. The stories you’ll tell…

Being at home, around the same settings, friends and experiences, can often mean that you end up discussing the same things and people. However, doing a solo trip will provide you with a huge selection of stories to tell your friends, colleagues, let alone fellow travellers, who no doubt will share their own, fascinating stories, with you. If you want to hear some amazing stories beforehand, or simply get inspired, download podcast and audio platform Acast, before you board the plane and immerse yourself in a vast collection of travel and culture podcasts.

6. Know yourself

Leaving your familiar, day-to-day life behind you to embark on a solo adventure is a great way to get to know yourself. Spending every day in a set routine can make us lose perspective on who we are, and sometimes what it is that we want to achieve in life. Travelling by yourself will help you take perspective on life, figure out what you want to do and even give you the necessary confidence boost to make a change.

By: Niamh Walsh

Niamh Walsh is the Senior Editor at travel search platform HolidayPirates ( one of Europe’s fastest growing, free-to-use, travel search platforms and apps, providing users with the best value for money international travel deals.