Eight Cute Ways To Flirt During Party Season

This weekend party season officially begins! For singles looking for love under the mistletoe, we have worked with Relationship Expert and Psychologist, Dr Becky Spelman from www.We-Vibe.com to give you her top tips to get your flirting game on point this party season.

Follow these festive flirting tips for success at the next Christmas party:

1.  When people are attracted to one another, they instinctively engage in a form of behaviour known as “mirroring”. In short, this involves copying what the other person is doing with their body. You can take this knowledge and use it to make the guy you like feel closer to you. Without being obvious, if he folds or unfolds his legs or arms or shifts position, wait for a moment and then do the same thing. If there is some attraction there, without even realising it he will start to feel closer to you.

2.  Give him a genuine compliment. Without being cheesy, tell him you like his shirt or tie, or give your compliment a more intimate touch by saying you like the scent of his cologne.

3.  If your initial attempts to chat him up seem to be going well, you can move on to some body contact—nothing too pushy, but you could gently touch his forearm with your fingers to prove a point and let it linger for a moment.

4.  When it’s his turn to talk, maintain close eye contact with him. This shows that you are really interested in what he has to say—everyone enjoys feeling like they’re the centre of attention.

5.  Make sure to smile. We evolved our smiles for a purpose. In a flirting context, they show that we like someone and are enjoying being with them. While you don’t want to adopt a fixed grin, smile often so that he knows that you are having a good time in his company.

6.  If there are any awkward silences or breaks in the conversation, fill them in by asking him about himself. Most people enjoy talking about themselves and their experiences, and it’s flattering to feel that we have someone’s undivided attention.

7.  Look confident. You’re a catch and he’d be lucky to have you, so make sure you show this in your body language. Stand tall with your shoulders back and don’t let any hint of nervousness display in your posture or the gestures you make. Avoid defensive gestures such as arms crossed in front of your chest and use expansive gestures instead.

8.  Listen. No,  really  listen. Remember what he tells you when he’s talking about himself and refer back to his earlier comments later in the conversation. In this way, you show him that he has been at the centre of your attention the whole time.

Diana Simpson

Diana is a passionate blogger and a curious soul who is on the quest of finding what she loves the most; coffee, dogs, books or traveling? Born and bred in London, writing is her healing power.

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