3 Fun Marriage Proposal Ideas For the Shy Guy

When it comes to proposal, many original ideas usually come to mind. But for shy people, it can be tricky, as a great plan can become a total mess when expressed under big stress. And with the rise in social media, the need for proposals to be bigger and better than ever before is a constant struggle and concern for men who are shy or just don’t have the time.

For that reason, we have gathered 3 classic, original and quirky ideas where you won’t have to say a word for her (or him) to say « Yes ».

Classic: ring in a cake

The most classic silent proposal is definitely the ring in the cake. But for this, you must take some measure to make sure everything goes well. For instance, do not put the ring directly in the cake, otherwise your other half could choke on it, but cut a hole in the treat big enough to insert the whole ring box.

If you plan to do it at a restaurant, make sure all the arrangements are strictly planned with the staff for your proposal to look as perfect as it is in your mind. Agree to a precise signal showing them when they have to serve the desert and try to look casual when it happens to emphasise the surprise effect of the moment.

Suggestion: to make sure the ring box doesn’t get dirty, we recommend the box to be wrapped in an edible sheet so that it doesn’t get stained.

Original: wedding invitation on the bedside table

If you’re a dude and you’re scared of proposing to your partner in a public place, better doing it at home. The most comforting room is probably your bedroom, so why not designing a wedding invitation that you will leave on your partner’s bedside table?

For example, you could indicate that the time and place are still to be defined, letting your « special guest » know only the people concerned by the wedding (you and him / her), and let him / her cross if « yes » or « no » he or she will be attending.

Advice: if you use this idea to propose to your loved one, especially if you do it in your bedroom, get ready for a fun‑filled night!

Quirky: photo booth proposal

One of our favourite proposal idea is the photo booth proposal. Just tell your other half to come with you for a fun photo booth session, planning in advance the poses you could take. First pose could be natural, second pose could be her / him closing his eyes while kissing you on the cheek (at that moment, you could pull out your ring box!), then let the magic happen for the two last pictures. In this way, your proposal will be immortalised.

Bonus: to guarantee a full surprise effect, you could buy a photo album tell your partner that it would be nice to go to the photo booth to put some nice pictures of you in it. That way, it will seem totally natural.

Amy Smith

Amy is a London-based art, travel & wellness writer.

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