How (Not) To Propose

How (not) to propose

The fast approaching annual feast of St. Valentine is supposedly the international day for celebrating all things love, passion and romance, and we’re all for it. We’re also all for starry-eyed men bravely stepping out of their comfort zones to make us feel special in an attempt to convince us we should spend the rest of our lives with them. However, it might be a good idea to leave some of these videos and articles open on your boyfriend’s laptop so he knows for sure how not to propose…

WARNING: some of these rejections are painfully cold hearted!

How not to pop the big question

1. By disrupting a basketball game

Dear men, if you feel ready to ask your girlfriend for her hand in marriage, as a general rule you should by this point know everything about her. Like whether or not she likes basketball. This poor chap did not know this vital information about his girlfriend and was swiftly given a major time-out. At least someone bought him a beer afterwards.

2. During a sky dive

There’s nothing wrong with a skydive proposal; they’re great in theory. Epic, even. However, if you’re known as a bit of a butter fingers it’s probably best to consider doing the handing her the ring part back on solid ground. This romantic thought he’d propose to his girlfriend at 10,000ft but evidently forgot he only had two hands.

Man drops ring during skydiving

Read the full story here.

3. Singing to her in a food court

If you’re dead set on proposing in public can we at least make sure it’s a public place with some sort of tenuous link to something vaguely romantic? Ie. not in the middle of a food court at the local shopping centre. Furthermore, if you’re going to sing, make sure you actually can. This marriage proposal at the food court didn’t get the response the man was expecting… Find out why here!

4. On-stage at a music festival

Forgive us for stating the obvious, it’s a small thing really, but perhaps make sure she definitely doesn’t mind standing up in front of 25,000 drunk partygoers when being asked the most important questions in her life.

5. On a leap year

The Leap Year switch around is a great idea on paper. What is perhaps less of a great idea is thinking that two weeks is ample enough time to really get to know the person you’re about to commit to spending the rest of your life with. The guy in this situation was not down with this great idea. Don’t feel too sad; give her another two weeks and she’ll find someone else.

How to successfully pop the big question

1. Take her to the movies, literally

The phenomenal time and effort that must have gone in to this proposal makes us a little bit weak at the knees, and we don’t even know the guy. Creating your partner their own cinema trailer is definitely up there with the best ways to ask your other half to marry you. Watch to see how gorgeous it is when she slowly starts to realise it’s about her! 

Pop the question at the movie theatre

2. Skydiving (done right)

Remember our first skydiving hopeless romantic? Well this is probably more what he was aiming for. Ok, so this guy dropped the ‘will you marry me?’ sign he was going to hold up, but overall this one still counts as a major success.

3. At the airport arrivals gate

Welcoming your favourite person home at arrivals is always a thoughtful thing to do. Welcoming them back with acoustic guitars, a few questionable lyrics about her eyes and a trembling high-pitched singing voice (not to mention really bad dance routine) nearly lost it for this guy. But he absolutely gets full marks for effort and, most importantly, she said ‘yes’!

4. Put her in her own music video

If you know your neighbours, can close a street off and know your other half is a big fan of lip-syncing this could be the perfect proposal. Hey, it was for this guy!

5. Stage a flashmob

The last few years have seen more flash mob proposals than we’ve had Starbucks coffees, so it’s hard to pick out the best ones, but this has got to be up there; professional choreography and slick execution are enough to win over any woman!

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