Avoid Hiccups Getting Your Valentine’s Gift On Time With Quiqup

Avoid hiccups getting your Valentine’s gift on time with Quiqup


There are universal recurring nightmares we all experience: being caught in a crowd naked, waking up late for your final exam at university – forgetting it’s Valentine’s Day, especially when you just had “the talk” with your someone special who you feel doesn’t show enough affection. Boyfriends, behold! (Or, forward this post to your boyfriends, fiancées or husbands.) This is the app he needs to know about ASAP if he expects to sleep in the bed instead of the couch on Valentine’s Day.

There’s a new app to download called Quiqup that will deliver anything you want, whenever you want it. It’s essentially the personal assistant you always wanted in the palm of your hand. (Doesn’t that sound so powerful?) Not only does Quiqup deliver from every restaurant in London that offers takeaway, but it also seeks to deliver anything from anywhere with only the touch of your smartphone.

Immediately after tapping the app for service, you will be assigned a personal “Quiqie,” a first class delivery driver and graduate from the Quiqie Academy. Your Quiqie will then keep you updated throughout the delivery and ensure everything is delivered in mint condition. (So, tell your boyfriend that all he has to do is pick the item you probably already told him you want. That’s all. Quiqup will handle the rest. And, I’m sure you’re lover boy will still be stressed. Ugh, men. Aren’t they cute, though?)

The app is especially offering a Valentine’s Day selection to ensure that no one is disappointed on the most romantic day of the year, including lingerie, bespoke chocolates, cupcakes and even a private chef to come to your home and prepare a special meal for you and your Valentine. But, that’s not all.

The Valentine’s Day selection also includes: drinks from 31 Dover, jewellery from Tiffany and Co., cards from Paperchase and Valentine’s Day hampers from Fortnum & Mason among others.

What if you can’t find the gift you want to give on the app’s list? That’s no problem. The dedicated team of Quiqies allows you to promise to pick up anything you need and deliver it at a convenient time. You can even have your gifts delivered to the home, office, hotel, or anyplace you desire.

“We want you to feel like there is always somebody there for you no matter what you need. I’m sure there are limits but we’ve not been caught out yet!” said Bassel El-Koussa – CEO of Quiqup.

I wonder, if your boyfriend screws up your Valentine’s Day evening, will Quiqup deliver a new, hot replacement beau? Hmmm….

You can keep up with all of the Quiqup adventures on Instagram @Quiqup. Happy Valentine’s Day, and good luck, boys.

Photo Courtesy by: SprinklesSparklesAndSugarFree.com

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