How to Prepare Your Propery to Sell

In the last month, searches for ‘sell house fast’ have had a 50% increase, with this number only expected to rise.  

London based Estate Agents Douglas & Gordon has put together a helpful ‘Preparing A Property For Sale’ guide that’s perfect for those looking to make the process as seamless as possible.  

On average, one-third of sales offers agreed do not reach exchange. Often this is simply because of the time it takes to exchange the contracts. 

When you’re selling a property, save yourself time and hassle by having the right team of solicitors behind you before an offer is even made. If you’re based in or around Portsmouth you can contact Estate Agents Portsmouth for help and information.

1. Contract Forms

It can take time to prepare and complete all the contract documentation and ID documents necessary for a sale. Having this sorted before finding a buyer can shave off 2-3 weeks from the exchange time!

2. Management Pack

When selling a leasehold flat a buyer’s solicitors will require a management pack from the management company in order for the property to be sold, if this is completed before an offer is agreed it can take another 2 weeks off the exchange time. In the South Bay SD area, we buy houses Chula Vista will take care of your needs.

How to prepare for a house viewing

Once you have all the legal paperwork sorted with your solicitor, the hard part is over. You are well prepared to accept an offer and get the ball rolling but you still need to attract a good buyer if you don’t have one already. This is not as hard as it may seem, with London property in such high demand, there are always interested buyers, you just need to catch their eye!

Remember these tips and your property will surely standout:

1. Paint It

Make your property pop with a new coat of paint, especially if it is overdue. It doesn’t always need to be much, just make sure you touch up the small knicks, and those cracks in the corner.

2. Tidy It

Your property should be airy and open! Cleaning up and getting rid of all that unnecessary clutter will make the space more appealing, especially in the common areas like the sitting room and kitchen. Open those blinds and let the light in!

3. Fix It

Go through your property and fix all the little things you have got used to over the years, like a loose door handle or a squeaky hinge. Don’t let a small detail put off a buyer. For bigger projects like roof repairs, you may need to work with a professional roofing services contractor. You may also have your driveway repaired or restored with the help of a Commercial Property Asphalt Paving contractor. These projects will not only boost your home’s value but also its curb appeal. Inside your home, you may need various kitchen remodeling supplies to upgrade your kitchen and make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

4. Photograph It

Professional photos attract more buyers and may help you find that offer you’ve been looking for.

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