5-Star Hotel Experts Reveal How to Embrace the ‘Hometel’ Interior Trend

For many of us, there is something extra special about spending the night in a hotel. Designed for luxury, comfort and serenity, hotel rooms are the ultimate location for relaxation. The latest interior trend ‘hometel’ allows you to experience that 5* feeling every day by bringing the luxury hotel feeling into the home.  

It’s clear many are keen to embrace this trend and for their own space to be more lavish, as Pinterest searches show a 45% increase for ‘luxury bedroom master’ in October alone, as well as there being 22.2m views of the #hotelcore hashtag on TikTok.

To help people luxe up their living space, experts from The Grand, York, the city’s only 5-star hotel, reveal how to nail the hometel trend and recreate an opulent hotel set-up.

1. Use a muted colour scheme

When it comes to creating a relaxing space, the colour scheme is key. Muted and neutral colours should be used to invoke a feeling of calmness within the room. 

Beige and cream tones are a great starting point and pair effortlessly with most styles of hotel room furniture for sale, but for those seeking more colour, muted green and blue tones also add an element of luxury and fit the hometel style. 

Simon Mahon, General Manager at The Grand, York, explains, “We know from hosting our guests that the first impressions of a room are very important. Choosing these muted colours creates a welcoming, relaxed and comfortable space which puts people at ease right away, whilst adding a luxurious ‘wow’ factor.”

2. Consider the feng shui

Hotel rooms are designed to optimise functionality whilst providing a good night’s sleep which means that considering the layout, from the location of the bed right down to how the soft furnishings are placed, is vital.

“Room design is important, and at The Grand, we always make sure the beds are placed in the optimum position with space for bedside tables and easy access to in-room lighting and plug sockets. 

For those looking to design their own bedrooms in a similar way, we’d always suggest to centre the bed along the longest wall, ensuring it’s the focal point of the room. Adding bedside tables and lighting to both sides of the bed will create a sense of balance,” Simon adds. 

3. Choose a relaxing fragrance

When it comes to hotel rooms, it’s often the little touches that create the sense of luxury that we associate with staying away from home. Choosing a signature scent may seem small, but scents can entirely alter how a room is perceived. 

Bedrooms can benefit from reed diffusers, to provide an all-day scent, or scented candles, which keep the room smelling nice as well as giving a warming glow – perfect for a relaxing evening. 

Lisa Williams, Head Housekeeper at The Grand, says, “When choosing a scent, it’s best to avoid anything too strong and overwhelming as this can be off-putting. Natural scents such as lavender and eucalyptus are often used in aromatherapy to aid sleep and will add a calming essence to any room.” 

4. Invest in luxury linen

Often the first thing you’ll notice in a hotel room is the feel of the bed linen. Hotels choose top-quality linens with high thread counts to ensure optimum comfort, and nearly always choose white for freshness. 

To recreate this at home, invest in high-quality sheets which will remain fresh and soft after every wash, and choose flat sheets over fitted for that hotel finish.

Chris Cooper, Hotel Manager at The Grand reveals, “We always look for breathable, light, yet clean and crisp, sheets. Thread count is hugely important for that soft feeling, so we use white Egyptian cotton for ultimate comfort, and to achieve a truly premium feel we use flat sheets tucked expertly into each corner of the mattress.”

5. Layer soft furnishings

One of the most important final touches for bedroom decoration is adding soft furnishings. To embrace the hometel trend, soft furnishings should be layered, and plentiful. 

Having multiple pillows on the bed adds to the extravagance of a luxury-styled room, whilst giving the option of different firmness levels for sleeping on. A throw adds a point of interest to the styling of the bed, as well as an extra layer for warmth when needed.

“For a true hotel experience at home, investing in a pair of blackout curtains, or having both blinds and curtains, will block out the light and elevate the sleeping experience, helping you to rest undisturbed,” Simon suggests. 

The Grand, York, offers 5-star stays, fine dining, spa facilities and more. For further information or to book a stay please visit thegrandyork.co.uk

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.