6 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Tarot

Tarot is an ancient art that involves selecting cards from a deck and then interpreting the meanings behind the symbols and the order in which they are chosen. 

While it has been around for centuries, the practice of tarot card reading has recently experienced a renaissance.

Thanks to the uncertainty in the world and the rising popularity of tarot influencers on social media platforms like TikTok, tarot readings are becoming requested more frequently, particularly by younger people. 

Also, the tarot card market is showing impressive growth as individuals look to not only get readings but learn to give them as well. 

Whether you’re a tarot card novice or someone who’s been reading their deck for years, this complex and unique practice has many facets to it, not all of which are common knowledge. 

Here are some interesting facts about the practice of tarot card reading that you might not have heard of before. 

The Practice Originated In Europe 

Tarot is an ancient practice that was originally created in France and Italy, with each country using slightly different symbols. Tarot cards can be traced back as far as the 14th century, with both countries showing examples of early versions of the decks we know today. Artists from both countries often painted portraits onto some cards of noble aristocrats, who viewed this as a high honour. The cards were viewed as a luxury item and used by many wealthy individuals to highlight their intellect, culture and refined taste. 

It Was Originally A Parlour Game

At first, love tarot prediction cards were originally used as a form of entertainment and were played as a game. They were repurposed for divination in around the eighteenth century when people started to assign meanings to the various symbols on each card. Once tarot cards became a popular method of fortune telling, the parlour game, often called Tarocchi, became less well-known, and it is now seldom played or even known about today. 

Tarot Readings Don’t Have To Be In-Person

Tarot card readings might seem like an in-person activity, but it is also possible to get a virtual card reading. On Psychic Future, you can connect virtually with tarot card readers from around the world and get a reading without having to leave the house. With the increased availability of the internet and the accessibility it brings, tarot has evolved to become a practice that can be performed digitally to ensure that everyone who needs it has access to tarot readings. 

You Don’t Have To Be Psychic To Read Tarot

It’s a common misconception that only psychics can read tarot cards. In fact, anyone can learn to read tarot cards; all it takes is time and dedication. The skill isn’t in remembering the major arcana or memorising the symbols on your deck; instead, it’s about learning to interpret the meaning behind each card when you draw it and how it affects the other cards you’ve already selected. So, while not everyone can read tarot, you don’t necessarily have to be a medium to read a deck. Instead, you need to be in tune with your spiritual side and learn to interpret the cards to give an accurate reading.

There’s A Myth That You Should Never Buy Your Own Tarot Deck

In the tarot card world, there is a myth that you should never buy your first, or any, tarot deck for yourself. Instead, the decks should be given as a gift or else the user will get bad luck. However, many tarot readers don’t believe in this superstition, and the vast majority of them buy their own decks so that they can choose what cards they practice with. So, if you want to buy your own tarot cards, then you should definitely do so. Make sure you choose the right deck for your needs by looking at decks physically before you make this important purchase. 

Every Tarot Card Deck Is Unique

While every tarot card deck contains a major and a minor arcana comprising of 22 and 56 cards, respectively, the images on these cards and the names of the symbols can be as varied as the people who read them. There are many deck designs available, ranging from traditional tarot cards to modern designs and even tarot cards themed around pop culture. So, whatever your tastes and preferences, you can find a tarot card deck to suit you. 

To Sum Up: There’s More To Tarot Than You Think!

To the uninitiated, reading tarot cards might seem like an easy way to pass the time, but it’s actually a unique and deeply personal practice. Everyone has their own way of interpreting the cards, and this will affect the readings you give and receive. If you’re thinking about starting out reading tarot or you’re just getting into the practice, then this article should help you to understand its rich history and immerse yourself in the amazing world of tarot. 

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