It is Never too Late to Start with Art: 6 Art Books Ideal for Beginners Starting out

Believe us when we say that it is never too late to start at art! All you need is the right materials, a cool idea, get signed up to drawing lessons and a great book to help you along your way. Therefore, here are 6 art books ideal for beginners starting out. 

1. Drawing for the Absolute Beginner, by Mark and Mary Willenbrink 

If you are looking to master drawing in a realistic style, then this book is the right choice for you. This book will teach you how to choose materials, how to correctly use the pencil, how to use proportions and perspective, and much more.  

2. You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Drawn in One Month or Less, by Mark Kistler 

Did you know that it actually can only take 20 hours rather than the previously widely accepted 10,000 hours to learn a new skill? Well, with these 20-minute drawing lessons you can follow every day for 30 days, this book will certainly teach you how to draw in those 20 hours. Ready, set, go!

3. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards 

Not only does this book give you many drawing exercises to help you to improve your drawing skills, but it also includes theoretical knowledge about brain capabilities and learning processes to help you along your journey to being an artist. 

4. How to Paint: A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Watercolour, Acrylics, and Oils, by Angela Gair and Ian Sid-away

If you are completely new to painting, then this ‘complete beginner’s guide’ would be perfect for you. This book serves as a comprehensive introduction to painting, including 38 step-by-step projects depicting everything from still lifes to people, and even landscapes and animals. 

It also offers helpful hints and tips about buying brushes, paints, canvases, and other materials you will need. 

5. Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often to Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artis, by Carol Marine 

There is psychological scientific proof that deliberate daily practice can help you to improve your skills. Thus, this book can help you to get into a routine of painting one day at a time. 

It also helps to guide you away from painter’s block, encouraging you to gain confidence as an artist in your own right. It achieves this by giving motivation, encouragement, and helpful daily exercises that help to expand your horizons and improve your painting technique. 

6. Abstract Painting: The Elements of Visual Language, by Jane Davies 

If you are interested in the concept of abstract art or modern art, then this guide by Jane Davies is a great starting point. This book will show you how to create a variety of visual effects, such as lines, shapes, patterns, dimensions, textures, and colour. 

After reading this complete guide to abstract painting, reflecting on how to become more expressive whilst using a new lens, you are sure to produce some excellent modern art, be it on a canvas, sculpture, or even an installation. 

Who knows, after following this book you might end up being the next Damien Hirst or Tracey Emin, complete with being displayed and supported by world-famous collector Charles Saatchi.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a start on art with one of these ideal books for complete beginners.

Rachel Bartee

Rachel Bartee is a blogger and freelance writer dreaming of a tour round the world to write a story of her greatest life adventure. For the time being, she feels inspired by her daily yoga sessions and studies Interpersonal Relationships.